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Quality Wood Species Control Inspection

Quality Wood Species Control Inspection:

Wood and wood-based: Verifying, measurement and Inspection, loading supervision, sampling and analysis of Quality wood species for Buyer, P.O, PO, Claim. . .

AIM Control's wood Customers, Buyers and timer product other parties order to AIM control's forest wood and timber product inspection division to request on wood and timber measurement of quantity, volume, weighing and loading supervision, wood quality assessment of analysis and assessment of wood log and timber products to certify wood species and name. Contact AIM Control inspection companies, inspection room forestry: Fax No. (848) 08 38327204, Tel: (848) 38,328,393 08, Email:
AIM Control Inspection Company specializes in wood log inspection, timber products inspection, sampling of wood, analysis of wood, certifying of wood
and timers

Inspection, testing timber volume: weight timber volume, measured at the amount of wood.
Wood inspection and timer products survey:

ü verifying and inspection, wood log and timber product sizes measurement.

ü verifying and inspection, wood log and timber products weighing and volume calculating.

ü verifying and inspection and sampling, wood log and timber products

ü analysis and certificating of wood species and timer production from wood log.

ü Testing, identifying, classification, and certificate and classification to wood log, wood plants, bamboo, rattan and other timer products, artificial wood.

ü Quality inspecting and assessment of wood log and timer products.

ü Inspection to wood in the buying and selling, contract claim (due to wrong quality).   

ü inspection, wood exported and imported.

ü Inspection, wood of government investigation and others 

ü Inspection, wood pre-purchase and merchandise

üICertification of wood.

The following photos are evidence of AIM Control's Wood Inspection on weight, quantity, quality and name of wood in Vietnam

species of wood will be inspected: all of wood and wood & timer product.

Place of wood will be inspected: at the site of loading, discharging, delivery local, receiving place, and other locals in Vietnam, Asia.

Time of wood analysis and inspection will be completed: basing on scope of inspection and analysis. (analysis will be about 15 working days)

Size of wood analysis sample: 02 wood samples @  size 5cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 2cm (T) .

Consultant on wood inspections: Dr Capt. Nguyen,  Cell: +84903615612, skype: aimcontrol

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