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Container Loading Check

Container loading check:

Container loading check is called Container Loading Survey (CLS) and supervising to certificate to AIM Control's client:

What is exactly loaded into my container?

How to make sure of the exact quantity?

How to make sure the factory will not replace my goods?

How to make sure the container is safe for the transport?

The following are steps of Container loading survey (CLS):

When? The Container Loading Survey (CLS)/ Supervision will take place right before the vendor / factory / manufacturer / seller is supposed to load the goods inside the container and also during the loading process.

Where? At the factory or at your forwarder’s premises, ports of departure, export countries.

Anywhere in Vietnam & Global.

What? The Container Loading Survey (CLS) covers the quantity check, the packing list check, the container conditions, the process of the loading (cartons conditions, filling-up level etc) and also a quick inspection on selected sampling size to check the workmanship, main functions, packaging and packing of your products.

Why? Because you don’t want your goods to be wrongly loaded in a humid container with broken cartons and broken products. your goods are exact specification and P.O your money payment.

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Benefit & Advantages of the container loading check:

Performing a Container Loading Inspection will allow you to:

Ø       Make sure what is loaded in your container

Ø       Perform a final check on the products, packing etc.

Ø       Keep pressure on your vendor shoulders.

Ø       Show your client(s) you care.

Ø       Save time and secure your business!

How to import products to safety?.

Container loading checked at the time of loading of export countries in ports, premises, vendors, factory of suppliers, seller's warehouses departure to countries of buyers and/ or destination.

Import countries to your country / destination.

Aside from the basic technicalities that you should follow to have a successful and reliable import from countries of exporting, there are few detailed actions that you must be concerned with for a successful import. From the choice of supplier down to the validation of the products, countries of exporting products are indeed a challenging task to do. But most importantly, from all the procedures needed, one important process is important for the success of the process – and that is Container Loading Check.

Cost of Import Countries.

We all know that importing from countries of exporting follows precise strategies to make it worthwhile significantly that every step fits importance for the contact to be reliable. From the preference of supplier down to the acceptance of the products, countries of exporting products are indeed a complicated task to do. But most importantly, from all the steps necessary, one serious concept is indispensable for the effectiveness of the operation – and that is Container Loading Check.

Countries of exporting goods (products, cargo, commodity, foods). . .

Importing from Countries of exporting is not a simple task because the transactions involved in this kind of business involves precise strategies or procedures that is mandated for the triumph of the business. Addition to the elaborateness of the whole operation is the reality that you should track every attribute from the first stage of import up to the sending and delivery. One important piece of work that you should count in this kind of functionality is the Container Loading Check.

The following is our steps of Container loading Check:

What is Container Loading Check?

Sampling of Container Loading Check:

Sampling of Container Loading Check is an important process in the import business wherein an examiner (surveyor, inspector or auditor) will be acquiring several boxes in random order, random solution of figuring out called the sampling of products (as AQL, other requirement) and to check, test, measurement, ect.

Container Loading Inspection of Quantity:

Quantity of Container Loading Check on the other hand of our surveyor, inspector & auditor will make sure that the quantity of the products is correct to avoid problems as the products reach the ordering company.

Quality of Container Loading Check keeps you monitored with the quality of the products that you ordered and by the expertise of our examiner, you will know if the manufactured products passed the standard of the provided qualifications. Most importantly, the process of Container Loading Check also allows you to keep in touch with the right codes in the products, if the packaging of the product is correct and to know the flaws found in the labeling of the products itself. Container Loading Check is no less than a very reliable action because of the strict supervision of our inspector and the avoidance of possible damages and other problems that manufactured products may cause.

Packing and Marking of Container Loading Check:

Also, the AIMControlGroup.Com should not forget the neatness, presentation and the safety of every product on those boxes and this procedure must not be forgotten in the Container Loading Check concept. In connection to that, the strategy also helps to know if the products are good to go by the requirements of its positioning in the box and the packaging itself as well writing and printing of marking, material made boxes aiming meet to the standard of selling in market, transportation.

Sealing of Container Loading Check:

The tally and sealing of Container Loading Check is also described to be the final step of the making concept before transportation the products to your company, that’s why it is needed to choose and hire the best inspecting of AIMControlGroup.Com to make sure the supervision of quantity (by tallied) loaded into containers and securing, lashing is suitable to seaworthiness. After loading completed under witness of our surveyor, the containers will be sealed safely to prevent shortage of products from fraud of other parties. Our Container Loading Check will never be a waste and the products to be delivered will bring you with no problems at all. To make sure everything goes smooth, the inspecting of AIMControlGroup.Com that you hire for Container Loading Check have a good qualification such as having a quality inspecting services and more so that you will not waste your money for their service and everything will be worth it. Commonly, conducting Container Loading Check takes place inside the place where the manufactured started so that inspectors could also see the place where the products are made for more available observations. It is the work and responsibility of the AIMControlGroup.Com to make sure the products is in good condition before the delivery solution until it goes on stop at the ordering company.

Certificate and Report of Container Loading Check:

Before your payment of value of purchase order remaining, we issue the report of Container Loading Check consisting of results of check and photos to you for review to see the suitable of product your requirement and approval on that.

Importing from Countries of exporting to Destination can be perplexing due to its processes but following the strategies patiently may bring your business into full assurance leading you to triumph.

We are an Independent Inspectors, surveyors and experts providing inspection services, expediting services, testing, QA/QC, Cargo Survey, Marine survey, Certification based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Singapore & Asia, Italy, Germany, U.K Russia & Europe, the Middle East, Brazil, Chile, Argentina & ect., Anywhere of Countries to protect your orders in good condition. Email:, cell: +84903615612,


To safe your purchase order, please kindly contact with us ASAP!

The followings are the evidence of Container loading supervision carried out by AIM Control Inspection Group:

 Pre-shipment Inspection/ Final Inspection/ Loading Supervision of AIM Control Survey & Inspection Group in Vietnam before shipment exported


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Container Loading Check
Container loading check/supervision

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