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Garment Inspection Services

Garment Inspection

AIM Control Inspection Group is third party garment control inspection leader with Garment Quality Technical Experts & Garment Expertise Auditors of experienced and qualified inspectors able to attend to most of the major garment quality control and garment sizes inspection. AIM Control's garment controls and garment inspections are assured of professionalism and assured of quality. Email:,, cell: +84903615612.

After conducting the Garment Inspection is at stages as material, on-line, final, pre-shipment, AIM Control issue the inspection certificate of garment and / or the garment inspection report with photos).

AIM Control Inspection Group introduces garment control inspection/survey services as below:

Standard adopted in Garment Inspection:

·        Sampling method: mil-std-105e

·        Acceptable level: aql2. 5/4.

·        Garment Inspection content:

·        Actual quantities

·        Fabric and trims

·        Style and color

·        Workmanship

·        Size measurement

·        Inner packaging

·        Shipping carton

Record in Garment Inspection:

·        All representative defects and key points would be photographed by digital camera and sent to the applicant.

·        For representative defects of garment, we would take a sample possibly for keeping. (the garment sample could also be sent to the applicant by collect on request. )

·        All sizes we measured would be written on the inspection record sheet on the spot.

·        All serious problems or other special points would be written as special attention attached the inspection record sheet. Report: Inspection report would be sent to the applicant on next working day after the end of inspection. The applicant would be informed the inspection result by the following information:

ü       Garment inspection report

ü       Size measurement chart

ü       Digital images

Garment Inspection of AIM Control Inspection Group services as follows:

ü       Buyer Agent

ü       Plant Evaluation

ü       Raw Samples, Corrected samples

ü       Pre-production Inspection

ü       During-production Inspection

ü       Pre-shipment Inspection (Final production Inspection)

ü       Loading Supervision

ü       Laboratory Testing (Abrasion, Pilling & Snagging, Strength (strip, seam slippage, tear, cyclic, burst and ballistic), Dimensional stability (shrinkage) to washing and drying, Flammability (of apparel, curtains & other vertically oriented products), Light & Weather, Washing , Dry Cleaning , Perspiration, Cold Water and Sea Water, Yellowing, Rubbing, Dry heat and hot pressing, Sublimation)

We are capable of making AIM Control’s own imprint in inspection/survey services related to the following areas Garment / Fabric / Home textiles / Shoes (footwear) / Bag and box / Hardgoods / Machine and parts / Electric / Material inspection, Loading supervision, Sampling and testing):

1. Garment Inspection /  Fabric inspection

·        Check the quality of product samples ready to be

·        Products samples Courier to buyer for reviewing

·        Inspect the corrected product samples & the style for conformance to technical parameters and specifications

·        Garment description/style and color checking (Check the color shading for dyeing and / or printing)

·        Quality and quantity checking (Check the sample for any defects or deviation from quality parameters)

·        Sampling and defects calculation in accordance with buyer's standards

·        Check the quality of material and correctness of components or trims

·        Package checking and carton drop testing

·        Metal detection checking

·        Size measurement and weight testing

·        Labeling, shipping mark checking

·        Observation of mould and insect

·        Sampling

·        Other required items.

Other required items.

2. Home textiles inspection

·        Product description/style and color checking

·        Quality and quantity checking

·        Package checking

·        Size measurement and weight testing

·        Labeling check

·        Observation of mould and insect

·        Sampling

·        Other required items.

AIM Control introduces AIM Control’s Shoes (footwear) / Bag and box / Hardgoods / Machine and parts / Electric / Material inspection, Loading supervision, sampling and testing/ inspection/survey service as below

3. Shoes (footwear) inspection /  Bag and box inspection / Hardgoods inspection

·        Product description/style and color checking

·        Quality and quantity checking

·        Package checking

·        Insole length measurement

·        Labeling check

·        Observation of mould and insect

·        Sampling

·        Other required items.

4. Machine and parts inspection / Electric inspection / Material inspection

 ·        Product description/style and color checking

·        Quality and quantity checking

·        Package checking

·        Size measurement

·        Function testing

·        Labeling checking

·        Observation of insect

·        Sampling

·        Other required items

5. Sampling and testing

·        Quantity checking

·        Sampling

·        Sending it to special lab.

·        Testing and reporting

6. Loading supervision

·        Product checking

·        Quantity checking

·        Package checking

·        Observation of mould and insect

·        Container/cabin checking

·        Survey weight by draft for ship loading goods in bulk

·        Loading all product to container/ship

·        Other required items.

7. Laboratory
AIM Control has all kinds of cooperation special laboratories in Vietnam & International. We could provide client most of lab test.
The labs was assessed and proved by Lab. & Test International Organization in compliance with Accreditation Criteria for Testing and Calibration Laboratories.
AIM Control has inspection point in all of world ports. We also send AIM Control’s inspectors/surveyor & Partners to other places of Vietnam & International.

AIM Control’s characteristic

SPECIALIZING - AIM Control’s inspectors/surveyors must have special experience in the relative work. AIM Control strictly trains every inspector before he conducts inspection and made surely he conducts the inspection in AIM Control standard operation.
INSPECTION STANDARD PUBLISHING- AIM Control publishes its workmanship standard on web according to kind and grade of product. Applicant could select relative standard for inspection. They also could revise some defect standard for their inspection.

IN TIME - AIM Control’s inspectors arrive at factory on time and we send AIM Control’s inspection report by e-mail on inspection date. Mostly, the applicant may receive the inspection report within one hour after the inspection is over.

AIM Control’s rich experience in the textiles arena has led AIM Control to dig the foundation of this company that serves in various sectors of the textiles operating. AIM Control has been a perspective professional with nearly 3 decades of extensive and qualitative experience in Quality Assurance/Control, Production Operations and Exports Operations in the Textile industry. Currently, besides running AIM Control Own Group, AIM Control is also associated with reputed world wide International. Aim Control’s services there encompass with expertise in a varied range of tune-ups. The firm is more of a business and hence, can pay the assurance of reaching with personal care to its clients for business

·        Comprehensive understanding and knowledge in fabrics, woven, knits and blends; ladies and men's styles; and whole range of garment-manufacturing machinery.

·        An expert with designing, forecasting of fabric type, sourcing, styling, sampling and its technical aspects, export documentation and legal requirements of export procedures.

·        Possess through knowledge of manufacturing processes for garments.

·        Deft in managing Production Activities involving resource planning, In-process Inspection, Team Building, design & development and co-ordination with internal departments.

·        In-depth knowledge of trends & instinct for futures in fabrics, prints, styles &buying patterns internationally.

8. AIM Control’s services markets & client

·        Eastern Europe

·        North America

·        Mid East/Africa

·        Central/South America

·        Asia

·        Western Europe

·        Australasia

Like they say, “Work is Worship”; we believe in it. Additionally, what we believe is that hard work pays and smart strategies build the road to do work successfully.

Also kindly review the Inspection of Garment of AIM Control Inspection Group.


Please also kindly review Business lines and/ or Inspection/Survey/Testing/Certification Services of AIM Control Inspection Group in details:

Business lines of AIM Control Inspection Group

ü Inspection of Agriculture products

ü Inspection of Industry equipment / projects

ü Inspection of Marine - Offshore

ü Inspection of Consumer Goods / Foodstuff Products

ü Inspection of Oil/ Gas/ Chemicals

ü Inspection of Minerals

ü Inspection of Government / Contractors

ü Appraisal

ü Certification Services

Inspection services of AIM Control Inspection Group

ü Inspection?






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