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Survey services for Insurance companies

Survey and Investigation Inspection for Insurance companies

We are Third Party Marine surveyors, Experts to carry out p&i inspection surveys for Insurance companies is P&I inspection, surveys of damage, survey of collision, survey of lossmarine surveyors, experts. Contact us

The insurance inspection, survey is performed so that the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel and her cargo are an acceptable risk. The insurance and insured companies are interested in structural integrity & safety for vessel’s intended use, cargo loading and discharging in good, damage, loss conditions. They will also want to know the fair market value of vessel and cargo. (it also called Loss prevention)

We are AIM Control Marine Inspection/Survey of experienced and qualified surveyors able to attend to most of the major commercial hull and large cargo damage claims on behalf of Protecting & Indemnity Clubs and Cargo and Hull Underwriters.

Marine Surveyors & Experts; Hull & Machinery surveys / P&I Correspondents.

AIM Control not only provides the survey of damage, survey of collision, survey of loss, loss adjusters but also find the extent of damage, causes of damage, collision and adjustment the value of damage / loss. 

Hands-on Experience

In the past many years, AIM Control has successfully handled in excess of 1,500 Hull & Machinery and P&I assignments worldwide. The nature of this work has ranged from simple contact damage claims to main engine failures, and from condition surveys to major grounding and salvage incidents – and just about everything in between.

Technical expertise 

AIM Control is committed to delivering and building technical excellence in the marine surveying sector. Our objective is to provide the highest levels of technical expertise applicable to each assignment and to develop a sustainable technical resource pool for the future.

AIM Control is an Associate Member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying and has sponsored a number of trainee surveyors to participate in a structured Apprenticeship Scheme underpinned by the Diploma in Marine Surveying and dedicated technical training by acknowledged industry experts.

Service, Value and Innovation

We are committed to providing clients with a superior level of service and are continuously working to enhance service quality and deliver value for money. Timeliness and efficient information management are critical components of our marine survey service.

Global Reach

AIM Control operates a global network of 100 dedicated marine personnel – Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Naval architects, shipping and logistics specialists.

Our regional offices in Asia, UK, USA, Europe and Latin America provide clients with access to the best combination of proven local technical resources and international expertise.

 Please kindly review inspection services, survey services of AIM Control Inspection Group in details 

AIM Control is a leading global provider of Marine Surveying and Adjusting Services to the international marine insurance industry and to businesses operating in global cargo, shipping, transportation and supply chains. Our marine surveyors operate worldwide on behalf of our clients for loss or damage to cargo, one off or project cargo insurance warranty surveys, marine casualty or machinery breakdown, a range of offshore services and risk control and security services on behalf of P&I Clubs and Insurance, each ship-owners as P&I correspondents services.

We operate “P&I correspondents services” with the understanding that ‘the client’s fate is our fate’ and every service we provide is conducted with a meticulous attention to detail.

AIM Control conducts a variety of ship and cargo surveys for a wide base of clients including:

  • P&I Clubs / Mutual Assurance Association of ship-owners
  • Underwriters
  • Marine Law Firms
  • Loss Adjusters
  • Ship Operators

See more our marine and cargo insurance surveying and investigation, namely (but unlimited)   

P&I condition surveys

Seaworthiness survey

Pre-purchase surveys

Hull and Machinery surveys and repair supervision (also see our ship collision survey)

Dry-Docking survey

Ship condition surveys and evaluation

Loss adjusting surveys and investigation

Expert witness surveys, Marine accident and incident investigation and survey

H&M surveys,

On hire survey / off hire and bunker surveys

Towing inspections and certification

Pre-loading survey and tally of quantity, bagged loading supervision, in bulk loading survey.

Project cargo inspection and Heavy lift cargo unloading survey.

Marine Cargo Claim Surveys as cargo damage surveys and investigation, identify causes and extent of loss and/or damage (for damage cargo on board of vessel or damage cargo in containers); Marine claim survey as Ship collision surveys

Liquid cargo contamination investigation

Steel preloading and out-turn surveys


We are an independent marine inspectors, marine surveyors and incident & accident experts providing cargo insurance surveys, marine & ship survey, reports and certificates based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Singapore & Asia, Italy, Germany, U.K Russia & Europe, the Middle East, Brazil, Chile, Argentina & Ect., Anywhere of Countries to protect your orders in good condition. Email:

Survey for Insurance Companies in marine and cargo claim

Insurance Claim Damage and loss survey investigation inspection 

 Marine Ship Insurance Claim Damage and loss survey investigation inspection


ship and cargo Insurance Claim Damage and loss survey investigation inspection

Hull and machinery Insurance Claim Damage and loss survey investigation inspection


PNI Full Ship Condition Survey


Also see AIM Control's Ship Surveys and consultant.

Also Refernce Aim Underwriter's Surveyors





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