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Inspection and escorts services

AIM inspector teams conduct inspections of fuel economy and consumption for Isuzu vehicle systems in Vietnam, Laos, Campania and Thailand.

  • Inspecting the fuel amount of each car at the place of departure

  • Sealing all parts of cars

  • Escort

  • Monitoring

  • Witness

  • Consulting

  • Surveying the fuel amount of each car at the destination

  • Measuring and calculation of the fuel consumption of each car on the Liter / 100km

  • Appraisal of the most fuel-efficient car out of 100 cars

See AIM's activities the inspection and escorts services for Isuzu Cars


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Inspection and escorts service

Inspection and escorts services

Inspection and escorts services

.style1 { line-height: 200%;}Inspection and escorts services:AIM Control is a leader in providing shipment inspection services and transportation means escorts from loading place to unloading place to ensure the shipment is not shortage of quantity and quality discrepancies called inspection and escorts services.Under certain agreed terms and based on specific general conditions of inspection and escorts services argeement, AIM Control furnishes ...

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