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Bunker Survey

Bunker survey

Bunker survey of AIM Control Survey & Inspection Group to certify quantities of oils onboard vessels/ships and/or barges before and after the bunkering according procedures of API MPMS chapter 17.1, with Bunker quantity survey of AIM Controls, our clients can expect unbiased reports and confidentiality. Email:,, cell: +84903615612.

Bunker Surveys are carried out for purposes as Sounding and Calculating of quantity and weight of bunker on board of a ship's tanks. There are two types of bunker survey are Quantity Remaining On board Bunker Survey (ROB) and Quantity Delivery On board Bunker Survey (BDN) 

“Bunker” is all types of oils are being stored on the hired ship’s oils tanks as Marine Fuel Oil (FO), Diesel Oil (DO), Lubricate Oil (LO).

for DELIVERY of ON ON HIRE SHIP  and RE-DELIVERY of OFF HIRE VESSEL  purposes to certify quantity and weight of bunker (FO, DO, LO) paid from Charterer to Ship Owner.

Off/On hire bunker surveys: AIM Control’s marine expertise surveyors conduct the Off/On hire bunker surveys on quantity & weight of “Bunker” on board of the hired ship’s oil tanks after that calculating of the actual quantity of bunker at time vessel’s arrival Dropping Off Last Sea Pilot (DOLSP) based on consumption of bunker quantity and period of ship / vessel voyage from her berthed at the present port / harbor to DOLSP.

for TANKER BUNKERING purpose and also for Loss Control in supervision of loading/discharging of petroleum products by tankers or barges, crude oil carrier, Gas and LPG Carriers.

In addition, survey of Petroleum products of AIM Control Inspection Group to certify quality, quantities of oils/chemical/gas carried on the Motor Tanker of vessel's tanks during pumping from shore's tanks to vessel's tanks and pumping out from vessel's tanks to shore's tanks. The composite samples taken by surveyors of AIM Control Survey and Inspection Group.

This procedure is accredited by our ISO 17020 certification.

AIM Control’s bunker surveys also are to finding the exact quantity figure of bunkers (Diesel oil, Fuel oil, Lubricate oil. . .) a board of vessel, ship using and reserves for Main Engines, Generators, Auxiliary Machineries and engines to minimize your vessels cost and control your bunker losses. AIM Control bunker surveyors and bunker inspectors conduct the bunker survey job in role is 3rd party independent.

Place of AIM Control's bunker survey services: - at on board of the ships and vessels in ports, harbours, anchorage, place and position of ship, place of ship delivered and place of ship re-delivered, namely based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Asia, Europe, the Middle East Anywhere of Countries. Local Email:,, cell: +84903615612.

Time (period) of bunker survey:  AIM Control provides bunker inspection and bunker sampling services for pre and post charter periods, period of bunkering operations, vessel delivery and re-delivery.

Place of bunker survey: a board of vessel, ship, tankers while her berthed and/ or anchored.

What do we do the bunker survey?: bunker sampling & bolts sealing, bunker gauging/ sounding, bunker temperature measurement and reading, Vol. of bunker and bunker weight calculation and issuance of Bunker Certificate and others.

Who do bunker survey?: AIM Control's marine bunker surveyors and inspectors.

Bunker survey jobs conducted by AIM Control third party inspection to Charter Party, Ship Management, Ship Operation, Bunkering and Ship-owners as well other parties who need to have the exact quantity  and volume figure to expose this to others identification of marine vessels and ships upon ON-HIRE / OFF-HIRE / BUNKERING.

At the time of bunker survey, AIM Control bunker surveyors also takes the photos during sounding/measurement/ calculation and copy of bunker document on board to send client.  

In some cases, client need to NO INFORM IN ADVANCE the bunker survey time for Chief Engine (CE) and Master, AIM Control bunker surveyors will go on board and inform the bunker survey until he meet CE & Master.

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AIM Control Bunker survey for Delivery and Re-delivery to marine ship and vessel

AIM Control Bunker inspection for on-hire and off-hire to marine ship and vessel

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