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Tally-clerk and supervisors

The tallying and supervision services company AIM Control has a team of tally-clerk and supervisors as an independent, accurate and reputable party providing counting of quantity and risk management services to customers. with the goods during delivery and transportation. AIM Control's certification of quantity is accurate and truthful proof for customers and parties. In addition, we accept product quantity checks at the warehouse, Supply chain, logistics, Shipping, Ports, Ships and Ocean Vessel, Containers. . .

Why do you need Tally clerk and quantity inspection Certification

  • Delivery of goods with the correct quantity

  • Prevention of shortages in quantity and volume of goods

  • Protect the interests of customers of AIM Group

  • Let the Ship Master sign The Master Receipt / Bill of lading / Outturn cargo Report, Delivery and Receipt of Cargo Report

  • Customs clearance of goods

  • Completing the purchase and sale contract and payment

  • Avoid fraud in trade and transport of goods

  • Let Ship Owners manage goods received and delivered at loading and unloading ports

  • For P&I Club's Loss Prevention

  • For cargo insurance units to determine liability

  • For Charterer to control risk

  • Give buyers peace of mind and receive the correct goods as shown in the P.O

  • For the seller to prove their responsibility

What is meant by cargo tallying services?

Cargo tallying services are included calculating of quantity and weight of cargo and product in a shipment, checking packing & marking, supervision of loading & stowage, unloading and unpacking together in shipping of cargo or goods. AIM Group will issue the quantity tally report and quantity certification after tallying job completed.

Roles of the Tally Team

In general, the four main roles of a cargo Tally men are to ensure goods are sound in handling with:

  • Verify the condition of goods (to identity)

  • Control Quantity and Weight and Certification

  • Risk controlling

  • Support and consultancy to customers

What is the difference between AIM's Tallying Clerk vs others?

The Tally Clerk & Supervisors of AIM (Vietnam & Global), with experience and to be trained course delves deeper into the subject of maritime and cargo tallying and supervision in depth knowledge of nature of goods with 50 years of expertise.

Honest + Exact + Expertise


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