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Cargo container inspection services

AIM Organization's cargo container inspection services for all of cargoes and products shipped by containers for safety and prompt as well protect the interests of customers, principals.

There are segment in inspection services of cargo and container as followings

Segment 1. the services to be inspected at stuffing place and loading port

At supplier's address

  • quality inspection for cargo

  • safety survey for condition of container structure before stuffing

  • weight and quantity surveyor for period of stuffing of cargo into container and witness of sealing for doors of containers

At port of loading and on board of ship

  • Safety inspection services for container to be loaded on to trucks or semi-trailer

  • Security survey on lashing of cargo into semi-trailer

  • Supervision of cargo container and semi-trailer running to berthing of port where to be shipped on board of vessel

  • the inspection of conformity for cargo and container at yard of port

  • Warranty survey for condition of container cargo during loading on board of vessel's position of cargo holds.

  • Lashing survey and security assurance

Issuing of a load port survey report and a Q&Q Certification at delivery place of shipper


Segment 2. Jobs to be surveyed at unloading port and de-stuffing place

At unloading port

  • inspection of sound cargo container before unlashing and discharging

  • monitoring of container cargo in discharging operation from ship to shore (or onto barges)

  • safety survey for condition of container during load onto trucks or semi-trailer

  • witness on a seal of doors of containers intact (or broken)

  • weighing of cargo and container at port's bridge scale (if needing)

  • quantity surveying of cargo period of de-stuffing of cargo out of container at port (if delivery of cargo at yard of port to receiver)

At de-stuffing place

  • condition survey for sound of container structure before de-stuffing

  • re-check on seal of doors of containers

  • weight and quantity surveyor for period of unload of cargo out of container and witness of un-sealing.

  • the inspection of condition of cargo and its quantity

  • loss / damage survey on cause and extent of losses (if arising)

  • Etc.

Report and Certification at receipt place of receiver

In addition to the above inspection services, AIM also provides other specialized third party inspection services for goods and containers

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Cargo Container Inspection Services

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