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Activities and roles marine surveyor

In the international maritime and offshore, activities and roles marine surveyor are diversity. Each type of marine surveyor has a different mission and depth skill to carry out a marine job.

Including but indispensable

  • Degree

  • Experience

  • Skill

  • Depth Knowledge

  • Independence

  • Smart situational solution

  • Others (nonlimited)


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Activities and roles marine surveyor

Offshore Marine Surveyor

Offshore Marine Surveyor

Offshore Marine SurveyorThe activity and role offshore marine surveyors are completed the marine job in best via their experience, skill, depth knowledge, independence and smart situational solution when arisen.The activities of a offshore marine surveyor are inspections, surveys, examinations, assesses, monitors, supervisions, checks, investigations, tallies, audits, controls, safety, predict, preventions, providing, statistics, collects, determine, identify, verification, comparison, ...

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