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QA/QC Quality Assurance Engineer

the Engineering and Quality Control (QE & QA/ QC) consulting company AIM Control has a team of engineers and controllers to ensure product and project quality through processes and measurement and testing tools. product quality testing and production control, meeting customer and consumer expectations.

QA is quality assurance: the jobs are to control on the activities of manufacturer.

QC is quality control inspection: the jobs are to control on the product quality.


The qa/ qc for product or project is results of the inspections and tests.

  • A product made to achieve QA QC needs to control many factors

  • Design Art and Usefulness

  • Technology breakthrough pioneering

  • Materials quality and product components

  • Quality control process in the manufacturing process.

  • Quality management and assurance process

  • Skilled workers and salary system

  • Production line

  • Production technology

  • Safe Operation

  • Product functions are used safely

  • Product durability is used over time and the environment

  • Social and community responsibility

  • Quality accessories included

  • Packaging and Packing

  • Shipping and distribution

  • Manufacturer's conscience (processing) and owner’s

  • Product brand and warranty

  • Standard types and codes

Referring to quality assurance and quality control  for both of kind products

Mechanical and electrical

Foods and consumer goods


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Quality garments inspection

Quality garments inspection

Inspections:What is garment inspection?What are the stages of garment inspection?What is quality inspection in garment industry?What is the importance of inspection in garments?What are types of inspection?Tests:What are the laboratory tests for fibers?What are the methods of identifying fabrics?What is the recommended method for testing fabric?What is chemical analysis of fabric?What is the purpose of fabric analysis?
Quality inspection certification

Quality inspection certification

Quality inspection certification servicesQuality inspection certification is measures aimed at inspecting, measuring or testing one or more product specifications and relating the results to requirements to confirm conformity.Quality inspection certification services are to Quality AssuranceAs an independent third-party inspection and testing company, AIM Control (AIM Group® conducts a variety of on-site checks to ensure that all standards must be strictly followed. Product ...
Quality inspection

Quality inspection

Quality InspectionThere are many factors that make up quality!Each type of product (or commodity as well as people and nature) makes a difference in Quality.There are many different types of quality for each individual productQuality Inspection of AIM Control (AIM Group® is only one factor contributing to product quality at "initial/process/end/final".A quality inspection involves measuring, examining, testing, or gauging various characteristics of a product and comparing those results ...
Factory audit Total Quality Assurance

Factory audit Total Quality Assurance

Factory audit Total Quality Assurance (TQA)a Factory audit Total Quality Assurance (TQA) service of AIM Control (AIM Group®) is to re-check Total Quality Management (TQM) of a manufacturer to meet with the standards of Buyer’s requirement.What are quality assurance and TQM? Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management The professional, social and legal responsibility that rest with the products manufacturers for the assurance of product quality are TOP. The pursuit of quality being ...
Expertise Quality inspection of strawberries and assurance standards

Expertise Quality inspection of strawberries and assurance standards

Expertise Quality inspection of strawberries and assurance standardsAIM Control (AIM Group®)’s expertise Quality inspection of strawberries and assurance standards applies to fruits strawberry of varieties (cultivars) grown from the genus Fragaria L. to be supplied fresh to the consumer and in international trading, shipping.Noted: strawberries for industrial processing being excluded.Inspection services & Provisions concerning quality strawberriesThe expertise quality inspection ...

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