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AIM Loss Adjusters are on behalf of the insurers with expert knowledge and skills

to investigate insurance claims for loss adjusting.

to adjust the claim presented to them by the policyholder called claims management of a handling of insurance claims

for loss or damage caused by risks in accident, incident or perils to be covered in content of a insurance policy

Role of a loss adjuster is to provide support and guidance in the event of an insurance claim.

We are a globally recognized membership organization for claims professionals to resolve large, complex or contentious insurance claims



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Loss Adjusters

Maritime inspection / Marine Survey

Maritime inspection / Marine Survey

Marine inspection and marine survey services are critical components of ensuring the safety and reliability of vessels, equipment, and cargoes involved in marine transportation. Marine inspections and surveys are conducted to ensure compliance with international and national regulations, as well as to ensure the safety of the crew and the environment.Marine inspection and survey services cover a wide range of activities, including vessel inspections, cargo inspections, hull and machinery ...
Claim inspections for goods

Claim inspections for goods

Claim inspections for goods are an important aspect of the logistics and transportation industry. These inspections are conducted to investigate and evaluate damage or loss claims made by customers or shippers related to goods that have been transported.

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