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Loading and Discharging Supervision / inspection

What are the purposes of ship's condition surveys before loading?

At AIM Group, the purpose of the survey is to verify that the ship in suitable condition and seaworthiness

What is the purpose of cargo survey?

At AIM Group, the three main roles of our cargo surveyor is to ensure goods are safe in handling with: Verify the condition of cargo (to certify) Provide technical and professional advice (to prevent of risks and marine warranty) Investigate and Valuation cargo loss or damage (if arising of incident)

What is a loading survey report?

At AIM Group, loading survey and tallying, quality control and certification services. Loading survey is to verify the shipment quality and quantity in accordance with trade & shipping contracts and safety for transportation and to approve.

Also supervising services include checking. Handling during all loading and unloading operations. The manufacturer's premises or warehouse during packaging to confirm that goods meet all requirements. The general appearance of the cargo and/or packaging.

Referring to Loading / Lashing Survey with Approval

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Loading and Discharging Supervision / inspection

Loading and discharging supervision inspection

Loading and discharging supervision inspection

Loading and discharging supervision inspection and tallying servicesTo ensure your shipment is safety and meet with your P.O as the agreement with all parties, what do you need?, only request us to provide Loading and discharging supervision inspection services and certification for you.  AIM Control (AIM GroupĀ®) can conduct your requirement at anywhere of the global. AIM Control (AIM GroupĀ®) Loading and discharging supervision inspection and survey ...

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