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Underwriter Loss control / Claim prevention

Loss prevention specialist of AIM who are in roles

Risk Management

Loss Control Measures

In losses from loss prevention activities or a liability in the risk's operations.

Implement or monitor processes to reduce losses for insurance and owner.

Investigate known or suspected theft, or vendor fraud.

Collaborate with law enforcement agencies to report.

Witness audits to identify problem areas or procedural deficiencies.

Direct work of contract concerned parties.

Identify and report merchandise or cargo shortages, marine risks.

Inspect carriers, vessel, truck, barges, port,  equipment, stevedore or access points to determine risks.

Monitor compliance with standard operating procedures.

Perform covert surveillance of areas susceptible to loss.

Testify in civil or criminal court proceedings.

Conduct all investigations and review reports with all related activities.

Coordinate with risk management.

Identify and report safety concerns to maintain a safe marine, cargo and navigation.

Respond to critical incidents, such as catastrophic events, violent weather, peril, or civil disorders.

Recommend or improved processes or equipment to reduce risk exposure.

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Underwriter Loss control / Claim prevention

Marine Risk Management

Marine Risk Management

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