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Vessel Condition Inspection Services

For ships and vessels, the transport of goods at sea is always in peril therefore , the Ship and vessel condition inspections or surveys are carried out.

There are many scope / types of vessel condition inspections for as pre-purchase of ship, P&I for vessel, Insurance for hull and machinery, chartering, operating and managing, registration and others.

  • For new building

  • For repairing in drying docking

  • For navigation

  • For maintenance

  • For accident / incident

  • For value and purchasing

  • For others

For one example of chartering of ship as following


On / off  hire vessel condition surveys

As independent Marine & Cargo Surveyors, we offer on / off hire vessel condition surveys, condition surveys & pre purchase inspection in ports of Vietnam, port’s anchorage area of Pacific Ocean, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, Arctic.

On-Hire Surveys / Off-Hire Surveys of vessel are undertaken on her structures condition to delivery of the vessel or is re-delivered into a charter.

The on / off  hire vessel condition surveys are an inspection of vessel's holds, main deck, cargo working areas, external shell plating and stevedore report of damage

On hire / off Hire structure survey - Marine Surveyors in Asia and Global of AIM who have skill and experience to inspect on the condition of a ship or vessel at the time of delivery or re-delivery.

In full on / off hire ship technical condition surveys, AIM’s ship inspectors will conduct the remaining bunker survey of quantity (ROB survey)

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What is the purpose of vessel surveys at AIM Group?

Inspection of vessel to ascertain that statutory rules and regulations are complied with, helping identify all issues from Technical structure and operating, Legal and Valuation.

Vessel condition surveys are a necessity as they help to safeguard your shipping investment and mitigate the risks involved in shipping investments and operations.

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Vessel Condition Inspection Services

Vessel Condition Inspection

Vessel Condition Inspection

Vessel Condition InspectionVessel condition inspection is Full Condition of a Motor Vessel (ship) Survey on her technical condition. AIM Control’s full experience marine surveyors attending to the ship/vessel for verify all of following hull, machinery and equipment items of vessel/ship.On behalf of a P & I Clubs (or other), AIM Control’s marine surveyors carrying out a pre-entry vessel condition inspection or a ship condition survey services to the vessel. and it was found ...

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