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Inspection of containers, QA/QC and sea freight with AIM Group's certifications

With a team of experienced and professional staff on IICL international container inspection standards, AIM Group has performed many high quality container inspections, accurately assessing the condition of containers when importing and exporting at the port.

Container inspection is provided by AIM to identify and check containers or production technical standards, structure meets freight standards, inspect the process of loading goods into containers, inspect the quality of goods (before loading into containers), inspecting for damage, quantifying container damage and loss of goods.

In addition, AIM Group's inspectors are professionally trained to conduct inspection of the requirements, conditions, and structure of the container, whether or not it is qualified to be put into circulation. Identify and describe damages affecting the structural integrity of containers under IICL6 along with an estimate of repair costs.

Container inspection

Inspection of loading goods into containers

Inspection and Certification of goods transported by sea containers

Goods quality inspection and certification

Lashing certification and surveying

IMDG inspection and certification (International Maritime Dangerous Goods (Cargo) in shipping)




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Container Inspection, QA/QC

Container Inspection

Container Inspection

Container InspectionAIM Control works in this field offering container inspection to a recognized shipping company, carrying out, seal inspection, transshipment inspection, stuffing/loading inspection, quantity & quality goods inspection, condition cargo loading inspection, pre-shipment inspection, and cargo damage inspection. EmailAIM Control's team of shipping container surveyors is trained in the management of Goods, Dangerous Cargoes, these technical container inspections ...

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