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Tallying and Supervision services

In the shipping, a shipment is delivered by an exporting company onto a shipping vessel (or container) at the port of loading and that is re-delivered to the consignee, receiver (or purchased) by Carrier through the Exporter and Logistics. Forwarding, Supply chain, Outsourcing, Port, Importers and other at discharging port, AIM has a team of inspectors, supervisors and tally men clerk who are performing the tallying and supervision services for the quantity and condition of goods for Customers with experience over 45 years.


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Tallying and Supervision Services

Tallying and Surveying services

Tallying and Surveying services

Tallying and Surveying servicesWhat is the purpose of tallying and surveying services?Tallying and surveying services with the purpose of calculating the quantity of goods in trade, in shipping and in the delivered / received in accordance with the prescribed Contracts and preventing losses or against complaints.Goods tallying service is the performance of counting the actual quantity of goods (unit) in a shipment during delivery or receipt with ships, containers or other means of ...

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