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Quality and quantity control certification

In trade and shipping for each consignment, we have the cargo controllers to perform the Quality and quantity control certification services for you at followings segments:

Factory audit: We identity the supplier is true, the factory is capacity in production of your product in buying or purchasing/ also prevent risk the finial for buyers in case the seller is not true.

Raw material control: purpose of this inspection is to verify the quality of Raw materials before production.

Production monitoring: to control the product are in-line system and comparison with the pattern sample of product or its products are being production meet with the standards and content of purchase contract

Pre-shipment inspection: This is stage of final production, we will inspect on the products of the consignment at random or 100%. We will conduct inspection, appraisal, and evaluation of all aspects of the goods such as: packing, marking, labeling, quality, quantity, functionality, etc. If the goods inspection results satisfy the requirements, the shipment will be exported from the factory and to be loaded into containers or to be delivered.

Loading supervision:

With our purposes are to prevent cargo escape failure,

The goal of load monitoring is to ensure:

  1. Quantity of goods and identity which of cargo

  2. Proper stuffing / loading are suitable for marine voyage and shipping or other modes of transportation

  3. The condition of transport such as containers, trucks, and ships meets safety standards.

  4. The lashing of goods are safely and according to standards

  5. Sealing (security for cargo after loading)

  6. Prevent cargo escape failure.

Quality and quantity certification for the consignment:

AIM Group will issue a certificate of quality and quantity of the shipment to customers.

This is evidence for customers so that they can clear customs, import goods, hire transport, buy goods insurance, dispute and complain to parties such as the carrier if an incident occurs during shipping / transportation and delivery period.


AIM Group, we also take the sampling, testing, analysis at laboratory to issue the quality specification for your consignment.(see more)

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Quality and quantity control certification

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