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P&I Correspondent and surveyors


P&I Correspondents:

AIM was founded by Dr Captain Nguyen Te Nhan in HCM in 1993 to provide professional services in the maritime claims field.

This followed success in his earlier career as an ex-master mariner and average adjuster.

Since its foundation, the firm has rapidly established an excellent reputation for providing fast, efficient and effective services to clients. With continuous expansion of the business, the firm has opened branches in Asia and Global.

All the marine offices are manned with fully qualified surveyors, most of them being former mariners, master mariners, officers and engineers as an ex Master or Chief Engineer on oceangoing vessels and Internal Audits and focused Training attendances. (container, tanker, bulk carrier).

Many of the senior staff having served with the firm for over 50 years as marine surveyors and/or correspondents.


Marine & Cargo Claims:

AIM is the world’s leading service provider in the settlement of cargo ship claims, acting on behalf of marine & transit insurers, and companies that operate their own risks.

Claim Agent & Third Party Administrator (TPA)

Whatever the style of cargo claim, we provide a prompt and tailored service for the unique needs of each client, irrespective of claims volume. We are proud to assist both well established and start-up insurers, together with any company that has an element of self-insurance or retained risk.

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P&I Correspondent

PandI Insurance Survey

PandI Insurance Survey

PandI Insurance Survey ConditionsP&I PandI Insurance Survey Survey Conditions services of AIM Control (AIM Group® are on behalf of an owner of a ship with purpose is to identify Ship and Cargo risks, latent (not yet incident) extent and evidence of the cause of the marine accident (has occurred)provided that for the Shipowners Club of this ship and Members in prevention of loss and/or damages in managing of risks in Protection of the rights and interests of the ...
Risk loss expertise of quality Rice cargo in commercial vs insurance

Risk loss expertise of quality Rice cargo in commercial vs insurance

Claims Risk loss expertise of quality Rice cargo in commercial vs insurance shipping from Vietnam ThailandThere are a lot of risks in claiming from a insured (policy holder) to against insurance companies on consignments of a Rice cargo in shipping from Warehouses or Ports of a exporter in Vietnam and Thailand to a National importer.A claims of Risk loss expertise of quality Rice cargo in commercial vs insurance shipping from Vietnam Thailand can be called Pre-loading and loading ...

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