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Marine Cargo Expertises in Asia to Global

Group of AIM's Marine Cargo Experts is an independent professional marine and cargo consultancy delivering loss control, claims prevention and claims investigation and commercial risk management. The firm is based in the Vietnam and Asia but operates world-wide for specialized assignments.

AIM's marine cargo expertise’s services offering to a manufacturing, a logistic supply chain, a shipping and a insurance for an international trading in safety.


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With a wealth of experience and a team of inspectors, experts, and lab equipment, AIM Group hopes to serve you the best, soonest!

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Marine Cargo Expertise

Cargo expertise

Cargo expertise

Cargo expertise in Goods purchase and sale quality in Asia to GlobalThe roles of quality inspectors and experts of AIM Control (AIM Group®) in cargo expertise services in Asia to Global are to control and assure the quality and number of quantity for a shipment either before purchasing or after loss arising.AIM Control (AIM Group®) marine and cargoes expertise services offering to a manufacturing, a logistic supply chain, a freight and forwarding, a shipping and a insurance ...

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