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Cargo Surveyors & Expert

AIM’s cargo surveyors are an independent party who should impartial when surveillance a cargo of shipment in shipping and to be certificated professional involved in the carriage of goods by sea, by air and by land.

Why is it called cargo?

  • at the factory, it is called the PRODUCT

  • in transaction, it is called a COMMODITY or GOODS

  • at freight transport, it is called CARGO

What is meant by cargo handling?

Cargo handling is included packing & marking, loading & stowage, lashing & safety; unloading and unpacking together with transportation of cargo or goods.

Roles of the cargo surveyors

In general, the three main roles of a cargo surveyor is to ensure goods are safe in handling with:

What is the difference between AIM’s cargo surveyors and others?

The cargo surveyors of AIM (Vietnam & Global), with experience and to be trained course delves deeper into the subject of maritime and cargo surveying and provides in depth knowledge of nature of goods with 40 years of expertise..


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