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Accident Incident Investigators

AIM's accident incident investigators examine suspicious insurance claims or pinpoint the problem and truth of the claim in Accident / Incident. AIM insurance investigators in the role of a risk management specialist.

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AIM Group is a international investigators and consultant organization for all claims and disputes in production, trading, shipping and underwriter insurance as well insurance fraud controller and commercial fraud preventor.

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AIM is part of a unique, prestigious organization that has earned the respect of law enforcement and regulatory agencies as well as insuers and the insured policy holder companies.



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With a wealth of experience and a team of inspectors, experts, and lab equipment, AIM Group hopes to serve you the best, soonest!

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Accident Incident Investigators

Insurance Claim Investigation

Insurance Claim Investigation

Insurance Claim Investigation / facts & fraud investigatorsAIM insurance claim investigation services are all expertise of surveillance, inspection, evaluation, and collection of evidence in order to provide accurate results are of concern to insurance company in handle of claim for their client’s claim.To facing an insurer's claims representative in investigating of an insurance claim, AIM served more than 50 years ago with the international team of insurance claim investigators ...

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