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Port Captain and Loading Master

At AIM Group's Port captains are responsible for the safety of vessels that dock at port. We ensure that all procedures are followed and that all equipment is in working order before allowing a vessel to enter their port and loading or discharging handling.

Our Port captains also be responsible for ensuring that all applicable laws and regulations are being followed by both commercial and recreational vessels. This includes everything from checking that boats have valid registration and safety equipment to making sure they aren’t harmful to the environment and local waters.

Our Port captains with

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in maritime transportation, business administration and related field;

50+ years’ experience working on ships as a deck officer, Master, STCW95 certification;

Proven leadership and management experience

Strong understanding of maritime law and regulations.

Working knowledge of shipyard operations and maintenance

Familiarity with port operations and procedures.

Support and consultancy to the ship's master being arrived

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Port Capt.

Port Captain

Port Captain

Port Captain / Loading master AIM Control (AIM Group®) offers Port Captain who is responsible for protecting our nation’s ports, facilities, and waterways, shipping actions, all of which are vital to client security and prosperity. The title “Captain of the Port” or "Port Capt." AIM Control (AIM Group®) Port Captain / Loading Master approach first safety with in prevention loss accidents, reduction cost saving, to minimize injury losses. AIM ...

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