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Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) and certification

Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) of AIM group provides 02 types of customers for the purpose of checking the quality and quantity of goods produced at the seller's factory:
  1. Upon request of PSI inspection from Trader: to check the quality before the buyer pays the order and the goods will be shipped by the seller to an overseas buyer / receiver (Pre-shipment/Packing Credit on the letter of credit).

  2. At the request of PSI inspection from the Government: to check the unit price, standardization in the country of the seller (exporter country). In carrying out a pre-shipment inspection of goods on behalf of Customs authorities with steps taken by trade operators (buyers, suppliers, forwarder logistics, their agencies) to inspect newly manufactured products before they are shipped.

A measurement and physical inspection of goods is carried out in the country of export pre-shipping, establishing the exact nature of the goods.

AIM's Pre-shipment inspection service is a part of supply chain management and an important quality control method for checking the quality of goods at first stage.

Assure the quality, quantity, marking, packing, Bar code, quantity, weight, sizes, colors, fresh, function, safety and loading of your shipments. Be certain that your goods are handled safely and correctly. Ensure that your goods arrive at their place of destination in compliance with technical specifications, quality standards and contractual agreements.

Acceptance or Reject for cargo - products - goods - commodity at Vendor of shipper before shipping.

Pre-shipment inspect and report are in true at all of global locals – we ensure that industrial goods meet quality standards and contractual requirements.

The benefits of pre-shipment inspections include:

  • Avoid the hassle

  • Avoid costly reworks

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Protect your reputation

  • Avoid losses

  • Avoid A pre-shipment inspection report that accompanies the shipment and reduces the risk of loss or misplacement. ...

  • Quality assurance.

  • Avoid commercial fraud

Although the importer is generally responsible for arranging the pre-shipment inspection, the exporter must make the goods available for inspection in the country of origin. Delays in the process can lead to problems with the shipment and/or increased costs for the exporter.

A pre dispatch inspection (PDI) is a regular inspection comprising a detailed inspection of finished goods before shipment. These inspections ensure the quality of equipment and protect customers from the risks of delivery in domestic as well as in international trade.

the Export Inspection Agencies of AIM Group

In-process Quality Control

AIM PSI-Certification.

Customers who need a reliable global AIM Group partner to help them reach this goal.

To prevention of risks, Pre-shipment will be inspected by AIM Group's PSI inspectors at the exporter's production and packaging at the minimum ratio is 95 per cent to 100% of consignment. (Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) will be conducted a random of AQL or 100% products inspection process (bags of products, cartons of shipment)

Types of inspection of pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) services

The report of PSI must be issued by a qualified inspectors managers, operators and authority of AIM Group of independent inspection company after successful inspection processes.

PSI: is usual within a day

Report: is usual 12 hrs after PSI job completing. 

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Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)

Trade Assurance Pre Shipment Inspection, Verification Services

Trade Assurance Pre Shipment Inspection, Verification Services

Pre Shipment Inspection - Export/Import Verification AIM Control (AIM Group®) is third party inspection, a leader in providing Trade Assurance pre shipment inspection, verification services for goods of export, import before issuing Certificates of Conformity for Traders and State Management Agency.Quality goodsQuantity of goodsValue of goodsName of goods (exactly as required in the purchase contract, order)Composition of products (according to international import and export ...

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