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Chartered Engineers Certification Inspection

Chartered Engineers (CE) Certification inspection is certified the system used machinery and equipment to be exported into India/Asia.

AIM Control is to provide Chartered Engineer Certification of inspection is required to inspect the machinery prior to shipment and give its opinion in form of a CE Certificate under a national regulation.


  • Machinery (Electrical & Mechanical)
  • Equipment
  • Devices
  • Line systems
  • Manufacturing equipment lines
  • Electrical circuit and electrical system
  • Auto
  • Metal ingot & metals (ferrous & non-ferrous)
  • Second hand plants
  • All of brand new or used objects others


  • Importing and exporting
  • A mandatory requirement of The Government
  • Insurance and prevention of risks
  • CE Certification for Export of second hand machinery to India


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Chartered Engineers Certification Inspection

Chartered Engineer Certificate

Chartered Engineer Certificate

Why is a Chartered Engineer certificate required?What is CEng certificate?The type of machinery, equipment or components required to be imported into India must have CEC?   

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