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Marine Warranty Surveyors 

The marine warranty survey and approvals company AIM Control with the Marine Warranty Surveyors and approvers who have as experince in identifying of of all risks to control them in maritime. AIM Group® is specialist in this type of risk control service for insurance and clients.

What is a marine warranty surveyor of AIM Control?

What does a marine survey include for warranty?

What is MWS offshore?

What does it mean to survey a boat / ship / new voyage and towing at sea?

What does it means to survey a heavy lifting and shipping for a projects?

What does the warranty approvals / certificates for?


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Refer to some inspection and certification contents of AIM Control (AIM Group®)

With a wealth of experience and a team of inspectors, experts, and lab equipment, AIM Group hopes to serve you the best, soonest!

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Marine Warranty Surveyors

Maritime inspection / Marine Survey

Maritime inspection / Marine Survey

Marine inspection and marine survey services are critical components of ensuring the safety and reliability of vessels, equipment, and cargoes involved in marine transportation. Marine inspections and surveys are conducted to ensure compliance with international and national regulations, as well as to ensure the safety of the crew and the environment.Marine inspection and survey services cover a wide range of activities, including vessel inspections, cargo inspections, hull and machinery ...

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