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Marine Cargo Survey and Consultant

The roles and duty of AIM Group’s marine cargo surveyors and consultant in the services of “Marine Cargo Survey and Consultant” are to protect the customer’s benefits in all situations.


In maritime and marine services

A ship is “born” at the shipyard

A ship is “register” in a classification

A ship is “sea-trial” before launch

A ship is “new voyage” at sea

A ship is “carrying” of goods

A ship is “maintained” on her hull and machinery at dry docking or underwater

A ship is “arrival and departure” to/from port for handling

A ship is “accident or incident” at sea or at berthing, anchoring

A ship is “arrested” at a country’s dispute and claim

A ship is “released” at a authority

A ship is “pre purchased” at her technical and structural condition

A ship is “on-hire / off-hire” at her condition on delivery / re-delivery

A ship is “bunker / bunkering” at her consumption of fuels

A ship is “towing / tow” on trip

A ship is “banking / financial leasing” at her value and

A vessel is “a lot of reason” in her life

AIM Group can be covered all of above activities of ships by the worldwide expertise teams of surveyors, inspectors, consultant, investigator and divers in Warranty and Indemnity services.


In cargo and shipping services

A shipment is “production” at manufacturing

A shipment is “land transported” from shipper’s premise to port

A shipment is “loading” on board and into container

A shipment is “lashing” before shipping

A shipment is “carriage” from loading port to discharging port

A shipment is “freight or transit” at place to another place

A shipment is “delivery” at the destination

A shipment is “insurance” for transportation

A shipment is “shortage” on its weight/quantity

A shipment is “damage / loss” on quality

A ship is “dispute / claim” on its value

A shipment is “suitable” for export, import ad shipping

A shipment is “others” to be handled

AIM’s quality controllers, inspectors, supervisors, tally clerk and surveyors can be solved all of above services of cargo and shipping in Safety and Judicially services.

Referring to AIM’s marine cargo survey and consultant in details as followings. Arrow

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Marine Cargo Survey and Consultant

Marine Cargo survey and Consultancy

Marine Cargo survey and Consultancy

Marine Cargo survey and ConsultancyMarine Cargo survey and consultancy of AIM Control (AIM Group®) are  a leader in providing Marine surveys & cargo inspection, consultancy services taken by by AIM'S marine independent surveyors, marine inspectors, superintendent, witness experts, consultant, marine warranty surveyors . . .(Capt., Master, C/O, C/E, Experts and other over 40 experience years in Maritime and Shipping).Both purposes of marine cargo surveying and ...

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