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Third Party Inspection Companies and Certifies

Third party inspection organization AIM with the experienced teams of third party inspectors, surveyor, expert and consultant at almost of locals to support your requirement in trading and shipping in inspects and certificates to your order comply with standards, regulars, rules, purchasing, claim and risk loss prevention.

We are expertise of meeting with projects, shipments and others in three qualifications and sectors of agriculture, industry and marine business international from a vendor fabrication in quality, transportation and freight in safety, to hands of distribution and consumers destination in health

AIM is the qualified company under independent activities in global network and we always created the technical solutions to our customer makes the easy decisions on the simplest, most effective and most beneficial.

We are 3rd Party Inspection Body and AIM's Responsibilities on jobs, services, and action

AIM’s customers are Traders, Enterprises, Companies, Organizations, Government and other

Honest commitment, quality assurance in each

a certification of inspection

third-party-inspection - AIM-Group®

Refer to some inspection and certification contents of AIM Group®

With a wealth of experience and a team of inspectors, experts, and lab equipment, AIM Group hopes to serve you the best, soonest!

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Third party inspection

Third party inspection services

Third party inspection services

AIM Third party inspection servicesAgricultural commodities, Industry product and Maritime shipping are controlled by third party inspection services of AIM Control (AIM Group®)  International Certification Organization to safe for all.AIM Control (AIM Group®)  arranges on-site & remote technical support over 195 countries at all manufacturers, vendors, ports.3rd party inspection services of AIM Control (AIM Group®)  are to Approve or Certify on a ...
Testing inspection and certification company

Testing inspection and certification company

Testing inspection and Certification company is a professional activity of an Organization or Individual on the subject to be certified for inspection, including:Field and laboratory actual inspection: Inspection, testing, analysis, measurement testing, sampling. . .Issuance of Certificate at the office: Synthesize, collect statistics, collect documents, data and results of actual field inspection to review and evaluate in order to approve an Assessment Certificate.

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