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Dry Cargo Inspection Surveyor

What is meant by dry cargo?

Dry cargo refers to goods that are not liquid or perishable and can be transported in standard shipping containers or other suitable packaging. It includes a wide range of products, such as consumer goods, machinery, equipment, textiles, and non-perishable food items.

What is the difference between dry cargo and bulk cargo?

Solid bulk goods, also known as dry bulk or dry cargo, include grains, minerals (such as bauxite and copper), chemicals (such as resins and fertilizers), and other items (like salt and wood). These items are usually transported from their origin using conveyors, cranes, hoppers, or silos.

What do dry cargo ships include?

The first group is general purpose dry cargo ships carrying smaller quantities in packages, drums, and tank containers, and includes general purpose ships, container ships, and roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) passenger (and cargo) ships.

What is cargo surveying at the ship?

A cargo surveyor inspects cargoes of seagoing vessels to certify compliance with national and international regulations in cargo handling and stowage. The job responsibilities include the following: Inspect cargo on seagoing vessels to ascertain that pertinent cargo handling and safety for shipping.



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Dry Cargo Inspection Surveyor

Dry Cargo Inspection Survey

Dry Cargo Inspection Survey

Dry Cargo Inspection Survey of AIM Control inspection GroupAIM Control offers services of dry cargo inspection survey on quality, weight, quantity, packing, stowage, lashing, and investigating on claim of damage, contamination as well dry cargo containers and dry cargo ships.Dry cargo containers and dry cargo ships are sea transporters used to carry solid dry goods that have a higher tolerance to heat and cold, such as metals, petroleum/crude oil, coal, ...

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