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Cargo inspection services transportation at sea

At AIM Group, Our Cargo inspection services transportation at sea help you ensure your goods are loaded correctly and safely on board, while also preventing unnecessary shipping costs, miscommunications or paperwork problems.

Places: at seaports, airports, warehouse and any local

Why is AIM Group's cargo inspection important?

at Exporting: Inspections of goods are to verify the specification of cargo accordance with standards on quality and precision of quantity and weight, packing, marking and its function for exporting of goods.

at Importing: Cargo surveys are to re-check the quality and weight as well as the identify of damage / loss to against to a Bill of lading and Purchasing.

at Loading port and Discharging port: our cargo surveys are to control accuracy Condition, Quantity, Weight, Volumes, Packages and loss prevention for all shipment. Full container inspection and evaluation to assess any damage, interior moisture, perforations and smell test to detect mold or rot. Confirm the quantity of goods and condition of shipping cartons. Random selection of sample cartons to verify the packaged products in the shipping cartons.

With AIM Group's also ensure that the cargo holds are free of rust or paint chips that could contaminate or discolor your cargo. Provide assurance that the hold is free of previous cargo remnants, including inaccessible areas.


Firstly, it ensures that the goods are loaded correctly, reducing the risk of damages and losses during transportation. Secondly, it helps to identify any issues with the container or packing that could cause problems during transportation

Outgoing goods inspection: The outgoing goods inspection ensures that the delivery is free of defects with regard to type, quantity, quality, packaging, shipping.

Warehouse inspections ensure that your operations are up to code and running smoothly. They also help to detect any safety risks and inefficient processes that could potentially set back your supply chain, such as a warehouse closure or slow or inaccurate fulfillment.

Who is responsible for cargo inspection?

At AIM Group, Our freight inspectors or cargo surveyors are persons who is in charge of analyzing and verifying quantity, quality, packaging, serial or reference numbers, marks, and the overall condition of the merchandise to fulfill customer requirements besides local, national and international transport laws regulations.

There are various types of inspections provided by AIM Group such as pre-shipment inspection, container loading supervision, during production inspection, pre-production inspection, post shipment inspection etc, pre loading survey, loading supervision, tallying of quantity, draft survey for weight of shipment, damage cargo surveys, cargo holds condition survey, sealing, unsealing, loss prevention, lashing and marine warranty survey, approval. Hence, the test processes and reports vary from scope of inspection to another.

Referring to cargo survey and Q&Q inspection certification services

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Cargo inspection services transportation at sea

Cargo Inspection transportation at Sea

Cargo Inspection transportation at Sea

Commodity, Products, Goods and Cargo Inspection transportation at SeaThe Company "AIM Control" is engaged in performing cargo inspection transportation at Sea and surveys for shipping lines at navigation by vessels and ships of all kinds of general cargo (including heavy lift and measurement cargo), bulk cargo and liquid cargo (gas and oil products, fertilizers grain,  steel coils, refrigerated product, paper product, out of ...

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