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Maritime Towage Approval Survey Services

The towage of a floating dock or a ship from one country to other across an ocean is something of a specialist risk.

The seaworthiness and safety are always the most important; therefore customers need the marine towage approval survey services of AIM Group.


At AIM Group,

Purpose of survey, verification of the approved towage plan including: Assessment of the size and type of vessels or barges to be towed and any limitations of the tow. Confirmation that the tug is of suitable; size, manning, sea-keeping, horse power (HP) and bollard pull (BP). Satisfactory condition of the tug and tow and other serial importance items are surveying before AIM Group's approval.

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Towage approval survey

Towage approval survey / Towing inspection certification

Towage approval survey / Towing inspection certification

Towage approval survey / Towing inspection certificationThe Surveyor of  AIM Control (AIM GroupĀ®) will surveillance the crew of the tug, the tug and the towing gear to ensure that the navigational officers have the appropriate licenses and others, called the trip in tow survey and approval of certification.. AIM Control (AIM GroupĀ®) Towage, which is not part of ordinary or customary trading, requires planning. Owners need to order  AIM Control (AIM ...

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