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Ship collision inspection services

A ship put into operation and sailing, will not avoid all the risks. One of the serious risks that can occur is a ship collision.

The AIM inspector's duties include the specialists who will perform a ship collision assessment and investigation:

When a ship is collided, the causes of a marine accident are diverse and complex, accompanied by damage to the life of the seafarer, ship's structure, cargo and onshore objects, at sea.

In addition, Claims that will be arisen after a ship collision from a variety of concerned parties need to resolve disputes including Arrest of a ship from a local Court, AIM's advising Shipowners (Shipowner Defense Association called P&I - Protect and Indemnity) to sign the bank guarantee before releasing the ship.


At AIM Group,

Our Key Points: A Ship Collision Investigation is required to assess the hazards arising from internal & / or external impacts during the operating mode and maintenance, leading to possible loss of containment.

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Ship collision inspection

Marine Vessel Ship Collision Survey Investigation

Marine Vessel Ship Collision Survey Investigation

Marine Vessel Ship Collision Survey Investigation (Conflict)DefinitionsMarine vessel ship collision survey investigation job is done by team of marine witness experts of  AIM Control (AIM GroupĀ®) take part in witness, investigating, surveying, inspection, control and consultancy in support client ASAP for which an claim and dispute have been made on disaster marine accident and incident, in order to determine the extent and cause of damage. ...

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