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Marine cargo surveyor and consultant

AIM Group is organization of marine cargo surveyors services companies who are the experts in maritime and shipping to control and approval the safety and risks.

Customers & Principals

Ship managers

Vessel Operators

Ship brokers

Ship charterers

Maritime and shipping concerned parties

Shipyards & Supply chain

Port authority

Marine and cargo superintendent

Marine cargo insurance companies

Hull and Machinery Underwriting

P&I clubs 


Register and classification


Logistics and forwarder

Freight and Chartering

Consignee and Receiver

Importers and exporters

Ship bankers

Marine and cargo surveying Partners

Loss adjuster and Recovering companies

The international traders and business   

All concerned parties


AIM is providing the SEVENT main services over 60 years ago of experience global in TRUST & ACCURACTY

Marine surveys and consultancy

Diving and underwater works

Tallying clerk and supervision

Loss adjusting / Prevention and Damage investigation

Quality control and weight inspection

Fabrication expediting and new building superintendent

Approval and Certification


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Marine cargo surveyor

Cargo surveys

Cargo surveys

Cargo SurveysAIM Control offers there are many scope of cargo surveys (cargo inspection) to client under cargo survey actions of cargo surveyors with experience deepest into each cargo surveying and in depth knowledge of its cargo specification.In buying and selling international trade of cargo, the path of goods is from the manufacturer (local cargo seller, cargo supplier) to the cargo buyer (the consignee, the cargo receiver or the cargo distributor, cargo ...

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