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Damage survey and loss assessment experts services

AIM damage survey and calculating of loss value for insurance companies, loss adjusters and indemnity specialist after a accident, incident on subject as cargo of shipment, hull machinery of ships, equipment of boats, warehouses, port's yards, business, trade and shipping.

  • What is damage survey of AIM Group?
  • What is a survey of AIM Group in insurance?
  • What is the purpose of a damage report of AIM Group?
  • How does AIM Group make a damage report?

AIM Group is expertise in Risk Management for all damages or loss prevention, including but not limited.

Our damage inspectors also verify and evaluate damage to properties issued in a insurance Policy anytime, anywhere for an insurers, ship owners, cargo underwriters, P&I clubs and correspondent, investors, potential investors, or have another interest ...

Our roles and teams

  • the damage surveyors
  • the damage inspectors
  • the loss assessors
  • the damage calculators
  • the risk controllers
  • the accident investigators
  • the claim adjusters
  • the witness
  • the warranty surveyor
  • the approvers
  • the insurance claim specialist and consultant.

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Damage Survey

Damage survey services

Damage survey services

Damage survey servicesDefinitionsDamage survey services is an inspection by  AIM Control (AIM GroupĀ®) damage experts regarding to the damaged and for which an claim and dispute have been made between two parties (or others), in order to determine the extent and cause of damage. Email: Cell: +84918615612 Purposes damage survey servicesThe purpose of a damage survey is found out the cause of damage in root, the extent of damage in ...

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