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Loading Master

AIM provides "loading master" to perform safety inspection and advise shipowners, captains and parties to serve special cargo transportation needs such as liquid cargo, ore cargo, log cargo, sand cargo. stones and some other bulk cargoes (in bulk).

At AIM Group,

The loading master person-in-charge is the marine transfer operator at the marine terminal who supervises the movement of petroleum products between tanker ships, barges, and the terminal while the vessel is berthed at the dock.

Also roles are the stowage plan and control the loading / unloading for the supercargo in projects.

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Loading Masters

Loading Master

Loading Master

Loading MasterIn professional specialist,AIM Control (AIM Group®) offers Loading Master Mariner or Port Captain as marine surveyors, securing and loading experts to manage and operate job of heavy-lifting project loading handling stowage secured lashing for goods shipping in high risks as Overweight & Oversize, Supercargo, Towage, Wood logs, Mine liquid ore. . .Who are AIM Control’s Loading Master?A loading master who has at least 30 years activities of ...

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