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Ship equipment inspection and certificate

At AIM Group, with the naval surveyors and marine technician, we are providing the ship equipment inspection services and certificates under regular of the class in annual or four years.

Inspection procedure on ship

Responsible for the inspection of ship structure machinery and equipment

For the maintenance of all safety equipment on board the ship.

At AIM Group, the inspection shall be such as to insure that the vessel, as regards the structure, boilers, and other pressure vessels and their appurtenances, piping, main and auxiliary machinery, electrical installations, life-saving appliances, fire detecting and extinguishing equipment, pilot boarding equipment, pollution ...all of parts of ship.

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Technical Inspection of Vessel & Equipments

Vessel Inspection

Vessel Inspection

Marine Ship Vessel InspectionThe marine ship vessel inspection carried out under the requests of the ship-owners, insurance companies and other interested parties to "AIM Control" for survey services on a integrity technical vessels at berths, docks, buoys and of other objects in new building, pre-purchase, chartering and entry PNI ship-owners, after marine accident.In a new building of vessel inspection Ship yard audit Technical drawing review and ...

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