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Marine and Cargo Visual Inspection services

What is cargo survey?

To prevent cargo, container and ship damage. Maintain compliance with IMO regulations. Mitigate risk and potential losses. Determine if a damaged good or container can be salvaged.

What is the job of a cargo surveyor?

In AIM Group, the three main roles of a cargo surveyor is to ensure goods are safe in handling with:

1. Verify the condition of cargo (to certify)

2. Provide technical and professional advice (to prevent of risks and marine warranty)

3. Investigate and Valuation cargo loss or damage (if arising of incident)

What are the types of ship survey? See more

At AIM Group’s Marine Cargo Inspection services

What are surveys of cargo and certificates?

What are inspections of goods and certificates?

What are investigations of cargo and approval

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Cargo Visual Inspection services

Cargo Visual Inspection

Cargo Visual Inspection

Cargo Visual InspectionThe cargo visual inspection objective of quality control, testing, certification services are to provide additional trust that the goods to be shipped are the same or substantially similar to those described in the order form as being the shipment object of a purchase.Where available, buyers and / or vendors are offered the opportunity to order a  cargo visual inspection of the goods after close of the sale transaction in order for the buyers ...

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