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Insurance survey services for insurance companies

Underwriting insurance survey services for Insurance companies on claims and dispute arisen from accident and risks and on loss control to prevent of liability.

In Marine and cargo underwriting (known as a underwriter) and other industries and its insurance (known as a property insurance), there is risked by unforeseen losses and casualties.

AIM's professionals whose main risks expertise is to reduce that peril

  • where potential incidents could occur

  • rules and regulations of the country

The reasons or the causes of the loss, the place where the loss occurred and most importantly the amount that needs to be settled are insurance claims for compensation purposes.

In order to make the process of loss prevention or settled claim simple and feasible, many majorly association’s marine underwriting companies and their insured policy holders have been ordered AIM group's services in many countries.

  • Marine (hull & cargo) surveyors

  • Industrial property investigator

  • Loss prevention consultants

  • Arbitrators

  • General average adjusters

  • Claims managers

  • Trouble shooting

  • Recovery agents

  • Work-team emergency service 24/7


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Survey services for Insurance companies

Insurance survey services for insurance companies

Insurance survey services for insurance companies

Insurance survey services for insurance companiesInsurance survey services for insurance companies on claims, prevention of loss /damage and others. AIM Control Group is professional in providing the insurance risk surveyors, underwriter claim investigators, loss adjusters and witness experts to carry out a insurance underwriting claim surveys for insurance companies. Contact usThe insurance survey services for insurance companies is performed so that the insurance company can ...

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