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Pre-purchase ship vessel inspection services

Pre-purchase ship vessel surveyors of AIM Control are mariner master, chef engineers and shipyard QC technician who have 50 years of experience in conducting Pre-purchase ship vessel inspection and survey services.

We support the ship broker and buyer to verify and identify the vessel's structural and watertight integrity, system's 

With parts of ship in water, our divers will underwater dive to check the hull, propeller and others.

At AIM Group,

A pre-purchase inspection / survey is carried out as it support the potential buyer to make an informed decision. Our assessment results provides an independent evaluation of a vessel and helps the buyer to demonstrate the vessel's operational reliability.

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Pre-purchase ship vessel inspection

Pre-purchase ship condition survey

Pre-purchase ship condition survey

Pre-Purchase Ship Condition SurveyAIM Control's Pre-Purchase Ship Condition Survey is Pre-Sale Survey (pre-buy survey) for one motor vessel, AIM Control's actions are consisted of pre-purchase inspection of her condition, sea trial and professional inventories. For over 30 years AIM Control Survey & Inspection Group has been providing "Professional Marine Services" to Vietnam, International area ship’s owners. Contact usPre-Purchase Ship Condition Survey and ...

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