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Chartered Engineers Certification Inspection

Chartered Engineers (CE) Certification inspection is certified the system used machinery and equipment to be exported into India/Asia.

AIM Control is to provide Chartered Engineer Certification of inspection is required to inspect the machinery prior to shipment and give its opinion in form of a CE Certificate under a national regulation.


  • Machinery (Electrical & Mechanical)
  • Equipment
  • Devices
  • Line systems
  • Manufacturing equipment lines
  • Electrical circuit and electrical system
  • Auto
  • Metal ingot & metals (ferrous & non-ferrous)
  • Second hand plants
  • All of brand new or used objects others


  • Importing and exporting
  • A mandatory requirement of The Government
  • Insurance and prevention of risks


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Chartered Engineers Certification Inspection

Chartered Engineer Certificate

Chartered Engineer Certificate

Chartered Engineer Certificate Inspection for used electrical & machinery exported to IndiaIf you are exporting used equipment or machinery to India, you are required to obtain a AIM Control’s Chartered Engineer Certificate of inspection (CEC) approved, also called Chartered Engineer’s (CE) Certification.This is mandatory and must be issued Chartered Engineer Certification India for your shipment before your goods are shipped. How to get chartered ...

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