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Insurance cargo loss prevention

Insurance cargo loss prevention

Insurance cargo loss prevention

Insurance Cargo Loss Prevention

AIM Control’s insurance cargo loss prevention to reduce claims in providing the information, data and experience actions of experts on the crucial legal aspects of the carriage means and variety cargo types in shipping.

AIM Control’s legal experts acknowledged all relevant and applicable conventions of cargo claim and loss prevention.


AIM Control’s surveyors act for insurance cargo loss prevention developments in the international shipping in a secured circle is to come “RISK ZERO”

  • Loss prevention in packages

  • Loss prevention in loading & stowage of cargo packages from factory to lighters, wagons, trucks and containers. 

  • Loss prevention in transport of cargo in land (supplier’s factories to port yard)

  • Loss prevention in unlashing & unloading of cargo packages from lighters, wagons, trucks. . .

  • Loss prevention in loading & stowage of cargo packages to carriers by air-lines and shipping. . .at ports.

  • Loss prevention in lashing, securing & sea fastening of cargo packages to cargo compartment of aircraft and ship’s cargo holds. . .

  • Loss prevention in voyage of cargo in shipping

  • Loss prevention in un-fastening & discharging of cargo packages from ship’s holds onto shore’s port yard. . .

  • Loss prevention in loading & stowage of cargo packages onto to lighters, wagons, trucks and containers. . .

  • Loss prevention in transport of cargo in land (port yard to buyer’s warehouses or field)

To reduced risks and prevention on loss and damage for each shipment and against to claims.

Insurance-cargo-loss-prevention - AIM Control

Cargo loss prevention and control of AIM Control are committed to insurance claims prevention for P&I, Underwriters, Insurance, Logistics Forwarders & Supply chain, Carriers, Operators, Chatterers, Managers, Shippers Sellers & Suppliers, Buyers & Receivers through the supervision and inspection actions. It is our goal and objective to clients

Insurance-cargo-loss-prevention - AIM





Review to AIM Control's loading & discharging cargo loss preventions for P&I, Underwriters, Insurance, shippers & clients:

Insurance-Cargo_loss_prevention_accident_report - for PANDI



AIM Risk analysis and loss prevention for marine and cargo


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