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In professional specialist, AIM Control offers Loading Master Mariner or Port Captain as marine surveyors, securing and loading experts to manage and operate job of heavy-lifting project loading handling stowage secured lashing for goods shipping in high risks as Overweight & Oversize, Supercargo, Towage, Wood logs, Mine liquid ore. . .


Who are AIM Control’s Loading Master?

A loading master who has at least 30 years activities of sailing and surveillance on each special goods in IMDG, Super-Cargo, Heavy-lift project equipment, Gas & Oil products, Break and Grain in Bulk cargo, RoRo, Minerals, Chemical shipments and take part in over a lot of witness, survey, inspection, supervision and consultancy jobs to load, stow, unload, lash, secure for the goods. URGENT

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What are AIM Control Loading Master & Port Capt. roles?

Knowledge about vessel operations.

In ensuring that cargoes are correctly and efficiently placed where according to safety standards.

Handling all paperwork and coordinates with all parties involved in the cargo shipment.

Supervise the loading or unloading of shipment, charge of transfers/ shifts handling.

Involve timely and clear communication with the person-in-charge of the vessel, and safe ground operations during the loading or unloading of cargo.

AIM Control’s Loading Master done heavy-lift and project supercargo survey inspection supervision certification services included:

  • Measurement volume of heavy lift cargo, super cargo, oversize and overweight equipment & machineries.   

  • Inspection of the heavy-lift and project supercargo at the load and unloading ports.

  • Calculation of forces and required lashings and securing on and project supercargo to heavy-lift vessels structure of holds, main-deck   

  • Advice on and supervision on stowage and sea-fastening on project supercargo and heavy-lifting operations.

  • Strength calculations for overseas transport (e.g. cranes, large structures) to ensure safety at sea.

  • Provide route analyses and advice including weather and seas forecasts

  • Towage approvals of the safe transport for super cargo and heavy lift and Motors vessel carriers

  • Issue certificates incl. warranty


Investigations confirmed that the unit was the one intended for loading and, once again, Master, officers and marine surveyor drew on their combined knowledge and experience to ensure that the transformer was loaded safely and secured in an adequate & professional manner, vessel has an unanticipated trim due to ballast or stability constraints.


1. General

  • Newton's laws

  • Mathematics

  • Standard triangles

  • Force / Friction / Centre of Gravity / Moment

  • Heavy lift packages

  • Ship and her particular

  • Meeting and Pre-loading

2. Heavy Lift Shipping

  • Various types of ships RORO - LOLO

  • Rigging/Slinging

  • Weather influences (forces of wind, water influences)

  • Lifting equipment: Grommets, steel / nylon slings, shackles etc.

  • Sling plan and forces in lifting slings

  • Calculations of forces in slings with Symmetric and Asymmetric loads

  • Calculations of forces using 2, 3 and 4 slings

  • Use of spreader beams, lifting beams

  • Load spreading in vessels

  • Metacenter - GM - Stability

  • Crane capacity

  • Ballast


3. Lashing & Securing Sea Freight

  • Forces during movement of cargo

  • Lashing equipment

  • Lashing and securing cargo sea freight

  • Calculations: lashing down and direct lashing

  • Lashing of normal and exceptional cargo

  • Lashing and stowing of cargo in containers and flat racks

  • Key rules for lashing & securing

4. Roll On -Roll Off Operations

  • Ro-Ro operations

  • Tide Tables and Tides and using tidal conditions

  • Roro activities free floating and aground (tidal/non tidal)

  • Roro ramps

  • Basic crane and equipment for roro operations

  • Load out / load in with SPMT - Strand jacks - Conventional platform trailers

  • Ballasting of a barge

  • Transport equipment for roro operations: SPMT, Conventional platform trailers

  • Stability of transport equipment. 3 and 4 point suspension


5. Offshore Lifting

  • Materials and equipment

  • Cranes

  • Calculations

  • Hoisting of personnel

  • Safe use of materials

  • Inspection/certificates

  • Latest developments

  • Anchor handling

  • Rules and regulations

  • Safety

6. Test & Evaluation

  • Test for all Participants

7. Consultancy & Report

  • Consultancy of Superintendent

  • Issuance of Final Report/ Safe Certificate.

AIM loading master, experts & port Capt. Inspectors Group is a leader in providing the witness, supervision, survey and inspection services to Heavy-lift Project Loading at all ports and Unloading supervision & Secured Lashing survey and consultancy for Super-Cargo to issue approval for safety in seagoing from loading port to unloading port. 


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AIM Control's heavy lift technical calculated by loading master in safe for one tug boat load on board of vessel under AIM Control Supercargo Experts supervised:

AIM Control’s heavy lifting loading master and experts have been requested to carry out calculations on lifting gear arrangement in order to load a 545 tug boat by means of ship’s cranes consisted in two (2) deck cranes of 400t capacity each.

AIM Control’s Heavy lift technical loading master's calculations were based on the drawings prepared by AIM Control Technical Department (attached herewith) and further details discussed over the phone with Dr Capt. Nguyen Te Nhan and/or Master Mariner Nguyen Thuan Nghia / Nguyen Sy Huy and technical Port Captains from AIM Control’s Vietnam Head office.

We are in a position to report as follows:

Summary and Conclusions

Accordingly, the load in aft hook equivalent to 368 t will be distributed in two sling legs with a load of 205 tons tension each. Each leg connecting the hook with the respective spreader end will be supported by 2 grommets steel slings 10m length and 114 tons safe capacity each.

The load at the heaviest end equivalent to 368 t will be supported by 4 polyester grommet slings 25m long and 100t safe capacity each attached to an spreader of 400 t SWL.

The total load equivalent to 575 tons will be supported by 8 polyester grommet slings 25m long and 100 t safe capacity each.

Having considered that the tugboat cross section profiles are not available at present it was discussed and agreed with the Capt. of AIM Control at the site of loading that at all times the slings and spreader will be maintained clear from the tug accommodation block.

From information made available it appears that the rigging lay out described on the attached drawings should be considered adequate and safe provided all equipment including ship’s gear is duly certified by recognized organizations and is found in good conditions of maintenance.

This Report is based on facts presently known to the attending surveyors and is issued without prejudice to the rights of whom may concern. The right to amend or supplement this Report should additional information be made available is reserved.

Encls: · Drawings


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