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Risk management loss prevention damage control

Risk management loss prevention damage control

Risk management loss prevention damage control

Risk management loss prevention damage control

AIM Control offers Risk management loss prevention damage control in shipping in its earliest stages of development in the early to all parties.

The risk management is the prevention and minimization of loss and damage in shipping with the result is protecting businesses against the effects of damage which occurs despite preventative measures. Additional benefits include reducing economic waste for maritime industry and environment, minimizing damage to equipment, reducing marine and cargo losses and injuries, achieving lower insurance costs, and ultimately adding value to be increased.


What are the technical risks evaluate and to identify resulting exposures?

  • Identification of potential causes of damage – Foresight on this field is probably the most challenging for all parties involved.

  • Preventing the occurrence of damage involves taking measures to prevent the possibility.

  • Minimizing the extent of damage - It is essential that thought be given to the conceivable extent of damage which occurs in spite of damage prevention measures. Loss minimization not only means controlling the extent of damage, but also includes the cost of damage rectification.

  • Protection of the right of customer against the effects of damage - When accidental damage does occur in spite of preventative measures, the effect is financial loss. At the very least, repair costs are required, and at worst interruption or stoppage of business operations and resultant loss of income, including insurance.

  • Insurance claims handling – Once a loss has occurred, it can be not waited months for their insurers to assess a claim, to be covered, thinking business process.

Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention

AIM Control is third party inspection in leader providing Risk management loss prevention damage control to the marine and cargo claims specialist for

With the following risk analysis and loss prevention services

TRANSPORT LIABILITY:  Freight Forwarding, Haulage, Logistics, Risk Prevention

HULL CLAIMS: Global 24/7, Casualty Response & Investigation

H & M SURVEYS: Consulting Marine Engineers & Expert Witness

CARGO SURVEY: Risk Assessment, Loss Prevention

CARGO CLAIMS: Adjusting, Settling, Third Party Administration

CARGO CASUALTY: Protecting Cargo in Terminated or Interrupted Voyages

SHIP LIABILITY: P&I, F&D, Charterer's Liability

RECOVERIES: No Cure - no pay, World Wide Recoveries


Survey & Investigation

  • Claims can occur anywhere in the world. Prompt attendance of an experienced surveyor of AIM is essential to establish what has happened, the extent of the damage and protect recovery rights against third parties. The damage and loss survey will be conducted by local surveyors and investigators and contact with the claimant in their own language and is aware of local customs and regulations. (We avoid any conflict of interest which may occur when the claimant pays for the survey).

  • For certain types of claim (i.e. theft or specific cargo expertise) we may select an alternative service provider.

  • Unless we are specifically instructed to the contrary, we and our agents will immediately review if there are opportunities to reduce the claim costs by pursuing recovery against the guilty party and take appropriate steps to obtain evidence and security.


All claims are adjusted by AIM Control’s Regional Offices. This ensures consistency of service and interpretation. Adjusting is an entirely separate skill to surveying and although many surveyors offer this service.

  • Settlement

  • Risk Analysis / Loss Prevention

  • Account Management / Third Party Administration

  • Global Surveyor Network



Protecting Cargo in Terminated or Interrupted Voyages

Major Casualties are rare. Casualty handling skills are rarer still. We have the expertise to solve your problems.

A specialist department dedicated to the handling of all types of marine casualty situations on behalf of cargo interests...

  • Experienced and qualified specialist staff

  • 24 hour availability

  • Early reporting of casualty situations

  • Prompt and effective service

  • Swift provision of security

  • Commercial and proactive solutions

  • Regular reporting

  • Economies of scale

  • Database and systems


AIM Control expertise we can minimize your exposure to the consequences.

  • General Average

  • Salvage

  • Liability Claims

  • Commercial Assistance

  • Recoveries

  • Insurance & Legal Advice


Case handlers from a wide range of backgrounds...

  • Lawyers

  • Average Adjusting

  • Chartered Insurers

  • P & I

  • Master Mariners

  • Shipping

  • Casualty Investigation

  • Collision

  • Commercial Towage

  • Salvage

  • Yachts and Small Crafts

  • Survey

  • Stevedore Damage / Unsafe Port or Berth

  • Ship repairers' Liability

  • Policy Interpretation / Claims Adjustment

  • Advice / Opinion



  • Claims Management

  • Central contact point 24/7;

  • Electronic reporting and communication;

Appointment and active management of any survey requirements, including the arrangement of joint survey attendances;

  • Liability adjusting based on contract of carriage and / or liability policy wording;

  • Claim negotiation;

  • Execution of signed and dated liability releases from opponents;

  • Salvage disposal and management of claim mitigation techniques;

  • Pursuance and protection of any potential recovery / subrogation rights;

  • Consultancy & advice on future loss prevention / mitigation in post-case summaries.



PNI Claims offer a marine liability claims service to:

  • P & I Clubs

  • Fixed premium liability underwriters

  • Ship Owners & charterers

  • Carriers and their insurers

  • Liability underwriters

  • Collision liability

  • Cargo loss or damage

  • Pollution

  • Personal injury and/or death

  • Stowaways

  • Collision with fixed and floating objects

  • Recoveries against other carriers

  • Arranging surveys

  • Risk management and loss prevention

  • Consultancy on all matters concerning the liability of carrier

  • Hull and machinery surveys 

  • Project supervision and superintendence

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