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Ship accident surveyors incident inspections

Ship accident surveyors incident inspections

Ship accident surveyors incident inspections

Ship accident surveyors incident inspections

Ship accident surveyors incident inspections are Hull survey and Equipment survey– All types of vessel and machinery damage including repairs, dry docking.

The ship accident surveyors incident inspections of AIM Control are carried under the appointment of Underwriter, P&I Clubs, Ship-Owners and Other insurance to identify not only damage / loss of incident on Hull, Equipment and Machineries but also to witness and supervision of repairing, cost of repair, causes of incident and estimates of loss/damage.


All kind of ship accident surveyors incident inspections

  • Assistance to shipowners and underwriters with issuance of repair specifications and tender procedures

  • Claims handling in collision cases, arranging of surveyors inspections and cause investigations, appointments of lawyers and final negotiations

  • Navigational investigation of collision cases

  • Loss of Hire surveyors inspections

AIM Control's evidence of one ship accident surveyors incident inspections carried out on the Damaged M/E of M.V STRIAN EXPRESS at sea, Hai Phong Port, Vietnam (anchored)


AIM Control's Marine Hull & Machinery surveyors inspections (Maritime H&M surveyors inspections) also carried to identify condition of vessel and her defects needing to be maintenance pre-entry P&I clubs. AIM Control's Surveyors are a expert in H&M surveyors inspections, namely:

  • Ship's Machinery and Propulsion Damage and Failures surveyors inspections

  • Ship Hull Damage surveyors inspections

  • Damage Assessment / Control

  • Collision and Grounding surveyors inspections 

  • Fire and Explosion surveyors inspections 

  • Salvage Operations surveyors inspections

  • Total Loss of Vessel surveyors inspections 

  • Control and Minimisation of Loss

The followings are our main survey of H&M

Insurance, in general, covers damage as a result of an unforeseen and unexpected event. Where P&I insurance companies  are intended to insure a ship-owner’s liability to others, Hull & Machinery insurance is mainly to cover the ship as the Owners' primary asset. Hull & Machinery and P&I become complimentary in the event of collision liability and damage to fixed and floating objects.

AIM Control’s surveyors inspections have been active in the H&M industry since its early days of existence. The Group has a significant track record for surveyors inspections in all kinds of damage, either hull or machinery related, on board deep sea vessels, floating installations, inland navigation vessels etc.

In order to meet our client’s expectations, the company employs a large team of naval architects and marine engineers all with extensive experience in ship repair, cost calculation, classification and technical superintendence.

Surveyors inspections can be arranged at short notice using AIM Control’s Global Surveyor Network, emailing  or contacting Tel: +84903615612.

AIM Control's Hull & Machinery insurance surveyors inspections services in this area include

  • Establishing the nature, cause and extent of damage to Hull & Machinery

  • Assist the insurance company or shipowner in co-ordinating to Hull & Machinery repairs

  • Field (on board) surveyors inspections to inspect damaged areas/items

  • Study of ship’s drawings to assess the original structure for a possible repair estimate

  • Review and collection of relevant documents from the vessel

  • Discuss possible repair possibilities in co-ordination with owner’s representative/ classification society

  • Review of repair costs, invoices and disbursements

  • Issue and co-ordination of repair tenders

  • Supervision and monitoring of repairs until completion on Hull & Machinery

  • Prepare of Final Hull & Machinery Report on cause, extent of damage and apportionment (owner’s costs or casualty related) and photos.

  • Providing opinion of possible third party responsibility to the cause of the incident

AIM Control's surveyor will identify “vessel name”, IMO Number, Port of Registry, GRT.

AIM Control's surveyor will identify Present at the survey and Representing.

AIM Control's surveyor will identify Schedule of vessel, it is consisting of: The vessel’s last port of call, dates; arrived at, dates, discharging commenced & completed, dates, gas freeing commenced & completed, dates, repairs commenced, dates, the vessel docked, dates, undocked, dates, repairs completed, dates, loading commenced, dates, the vessel sailed, dates

AIM Control's surveyor will identify reason of the vessel anchoring or berthing this area.

H&M Survey as held in order to ascertain the nature and extent of damage sustained on the following occasion:

Date of incident – Incident type, date of survey – place of survey

Our surveyor will collect General information of particulars of vessel and from Crew.

  • Instruction date, Owner name, Operator/Manager, Port of registry, Flag, IMO No, Year built, GRT, DWT, Class, SMC, DOC.. . .

  • Casualty reported acc. ISM

  • Previously related incidents

Our surveyor will identify to make a general description of the vessel, and/or equipment related to the casualty

The evidence of ship accident survey on the incident of Fuel Injection Pump of Main Engine carried out by AIM Control Inspection and Survey Group for M.V Au Co at sea of Khanh hoa, Nha Trang, Vietnam.




Our short description of the incident, which gave rise to the damage


AIM Control's H&M surveyors describe of the findings during the survey, such as damages noted, previous, temporary/permanent repairs carried out attributable to the casualty. It is found and recommended by our surveyor in H&M survey.


AIM Control's surveyors will expose all of the relative matters to this job were found and collected to explain for concerning parties.


AIM Control's surveyors will collect the allegations of owners and their servant such as superintendent on damage/ loss, repairing. . .   


Cause consideration

Cause of damage. If the exact cause is difficult to ascertain, our marine surveyor’s opinion of the most likely cause to be stated. If the cause is disputed, the Owners’ representative’s allegation should also be referred to and our surveyor’s reasons for not accepting it.


Attending the survey (which party?) and representing (name, position)



If tendering procedures have been executed, the results (table) and Owner’s choice of repairers to be stated.


A description of the permanent/temporary repairs executed.

Cost of repairs

The above damage has been permanently repaired


Our surveyor will carry out separately the dry-docking work would have required……..days in drydock

Temporary repairs

Our repair account concerns temporary repairs only

Removal of temporary repairs

Our repair account includes USD/EUR…………… for removal of temporary repairs.

Extra expenses incurred to reduce delay

In connection with this occurrence extra expenses have been incurred by working overtime (1) for an amount of USD/EUR.

Supplied/arranged by Owners

Class, maker’s attendance, spare parts etc


The yard gave a credit of USD/EUR…………………for the condemned…………………………….

General expenses


Tugboat assistance


Deferred repairs

Detailed repair specification suitable for tendering purposes to be included

Estimated cost of repairs and time to be reported in an Addendum to the Survey Report

Work not concerning average

Concurrently with the average repairs various maintenance works (please make a listed description) was carried out to an amount of USD/EUR

Time for repairs at…………

Total time for repairs from ………. To ………. -………days

If carried out separately the work involved would have required the following time

In Dry-dock, Afloat and Total for each occurrence

Total time for average repairs, Work not concerning average


Date and place



  1. “Statement of facts” from Master and/or Chief Engineer

  2. Technical information / drawings

  3. Relevant log book extracts

  4. Relevant Class reports / records

  5. Repairer / specialist’s report and invoice

  6. Copy of valid SMC/DOC certificate (with valid endorsements)

  7. Other relevant information, photos etc.


We are an Independent Inspectors, surveyors and experts providing H&M marine surveyors inspections, Marine survey, Certification based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Singapore & Asia, Italy, Germany, U.K Russia & Europe, the Middle East, Brazil, Chile, Argentina & ect., Anywhere of Countries to protect your orders in good condition. 

AIM Control's evidence of Ship hull surveyors inspections carried out on the damaged Hull in Ho Chi Minh - Sai Gon Port, Vietnam (Buoying) after collision to another vessel


We are also experts in other marine surveyors inspections and cargo inspection providing for P&I Clubs & Underwriters:

Protection and Indemnity – We can cover the full  range of P & I surveyors inspections requirements; from a simple cargo survey to a major dock damage or contamination issue.

Condition surveyors inspections – In order to properly conduct this type of survey, state of the art classification society approved ultra-sonic water tightness meters are maintained in-house.

Marine Cargo Insurance (Ocean, FFL and Inland Marine) – All types of cargo surveyors inspections can be undertaken with a view to protecting the underwriter’s rights of recovery.

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