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Tally of Cargo

Tally of Cargo

Tally of Cargo

Tally of cargo

Tally of cargo is conducted under supervision of AIM Control's tally-men clerk, chief tally, supervisors and surveyors in providing cargo tallying services of bagged cargo quantity for P&I and insurance, underwriters, ship-owners, ship-operator, chartering, management, buyers, seller . . .during loading and/ or discharging operation in ports of Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Asia and Global. Email:

  • Tally of cargo place: Ports of loading, ports of discharging, supplier’s premises, and consignee’s warehouses, on ships, vessel, into containers, trucks in Vietnam and Global.
  • Time of cargo tally: At the time of loading, discharging, delivery, receipt.
  • Report of cargo tally: Daily reports, Final report.


How to prevent the shortage of shipment goods in shipping?
How to ensure all of cargo loaded into sound goods condition?
How to control the damage and loss on your commodity in shipment at period of loading and discharging of goods?
How to know accuracy the stowage of cargo in ship's cargo holds and container in suitable and safety?
How to control the handling of stevedore and others?
How to acknowledge on liability of carrier when Master of vessel signature on Bill of lading?
How to reduce the risks in transportation?
Who is company of surveyors, tally clerk, consultant and supervsiors services in reputation and experince for your requirement?

AIM Control's quantity tally of cargo services are to control quantity of bags, packages, cartons of cargo and goods for shipment at loading ports, supplier's vendor, premises and/ or delivery /receipt at discharging ports, supplier's premises, consignee's warehouse at departure and/ or destination in Vietnam and global.


AIM Control's bagged cargo tally is to reckon quantity: bag by bag, carton by carton, unit by unit during loading, unloading or delivery and receipt to transport at sea in shipping line or by land. (as vessel, ship, container), Air-light, and from place to other place, the country to other countries, Vietnam’s ports to other harbors. offers services of cargo tally, weight measurement to our customers to prevent to shortage of cargo quantity, damage/ loss.

AIM Control's cargo tally verification services provide assurance that the number or quantity of goods to be shipped or received is that described in shipping documents such as the bill of lading, letter of credit, mate’s receipt, or other documents. Cargo tally is to identify that material, cargo has been packed, marked and labelled accurately.


The following is our tally of cargo is to perform a number of activities, based on your needs:

  • Conduct cargo tallies during loading and unloading to assure all parties that the quantity specifications and features are as outlined in the documentation.

  • Check and identify packing, marking and labelling.

  • Verify product marking and packing details to confirm that the material is shipped in suitable packaging.

  • Visual check manufacture dates, batch numbers, expiry dates, shipping marks and packing lists, supplier certificates and labels.

  • Tally quantity of cargo in bags, packages, cartons and others.

  • Also witness the weighing cargo tally in bulk via bridge-scale and others.



Cargo tally and stowage supervision are carried out by AIM Control's tally man, chief of tally team, supervisors and surveyors during the cargo loading or bagged discharging at ship, container and transportation means at all of ports of Vietnam, Global.

Usually, the only way to determine quantity of piece goods is tally of cargo while discharging or loading. We have staffs of tallymen who performs professional cargo tally of all types of cargo in bags and in bulk. In the process of cargo tally we provide our client or his representative (chief officer of vessel, supercargo, ship agent) with daily reports, which contain quantitative data, weight, and brief qualitative description of the cargo. On completion of cargo operations we issue Final Tally Statement and Tally Report. The Master and Chief Officer basing on our final tally record to sign Master Ship and Bill of Lading.


AIM Control's function brief of Cargo Tally Services:

The Chief Tally is responsible for monitoring all of loading or unloading process and management the tallymen, for gathering tally sheet to computer data of quantity of loading, or discharging, collecting the client's opinion and satisfying their requirement. We are responsible for assigning qualified tallymen based on Cargo Plan of Chief Officer and/or the port and terminal's working plan and fulfilling the bagged cargo tally service on time, guaranteeing both visual quality and exact quantity according to the loading and/or discharging to issued Daily Report and Final Report.


AIM Control's survey and supervision/ cargo tally departments provide high-quality services to all costumers as below:

A. AIM Control's cargo tally service for shipping cargo and containers.

AIM Control’s cargo tally report/certification, which has the legal effect for the quantity of cargo and authentication of the damage, relates to the economic benefits of the ship company, consignee/consignor and entrusting party and will effectually protect the legal rights of them.

  • “Cargo Tally Sheet” for Vessel/ Ship is an original counting record made by tallyman for Vessel/ Ship.

  • “Cargo Tally Sheet" for Containers is an original counting record made by tallyman for container.

  • “On-The-Spot Record” is an original certificate recording the abnormality of the cargo and the spot.

  • “Cargo Tallied Daily Report” is a list for the chief tally to notify the progress of the loading/ unloading cargo to the ship. (consisting of N.W & - G.W quantities, time of working, condition of weather, kind of cargo, name of consignee, name of shipper, ect.).

  • “Overlanded / Shortlanded Cargo List” is a document to certificate the over/ short of import cargo.

  • “Damaged Cargo List” is a document to certificate the original damage of import cargo.

  • “Outturn List For Containers” is a document to certificate the over/ short and damage of container.

  • “Tally Certificate” is a certificate of the entrusted party's confirmation, which is a basis for our company to settle accounts with shipping company or its agents.



B. AIM Control's  Survey and Inspection Certification in written report for client.

The Cargo Tally Department of AIM Control provides services to all clients sincerely, replying to the enquiry of import and export business data and providing certification for customer based on original data.

  • AIM Control provides the quantity tally certification of the import and export cargo in Vietnam.

  • AIM Control provides the quantity survey certification of the shut-out cargo in Vietnam.

  • AIM Control provides certification of cargo tallying over/ short-landed and damaged in Vietnam.

  • AIM Control provides weight survey certification of bulk cargo draft surveying in Vietnam.

  • AIM Control provides sounding survey certification of oil in liquid measuring.

  • AIM Control provides damage certification of cargo or container body in Vietnam.



AIM Control's Cargo Tally Service procedure:

A. Signing the contract of cargo tally.

Supposed the client has any special request while signing the contract, our authorities will communicate with the Cargo Tally Department as soon as possible.

B. After signing the contract of cargo tally.

After signing the contract of cargo tally, we should immediately establish a customer service archives and a project for visiting, collection and feedback of opinion. Our Cargo Tally Department will organize related personnel to carry out at once, and keep in touch with the customer and ports, the terminal operation department to learn the vessel's exact berthing (Estimate Time Arrival- ETA) position and working time. Not only always updating of the information of vessel, ship (collected from ship’s agent and concerning parties) and information of shipment (collected from buyer, seller and concerning parties) to our client ASAP.


C. Cargo Tally work and services.

The subordinate office arranges working shifts after receiving the terminal's work plan on the client's vessel and assign the right tallyman at the right time. Meanwhile ask the chief tally and the tallymen to start working according to our OPERATION GUIDEBOOK OF CARGO TALLY.

The Chief Tally is responsible for monitoring all of loading or unloading process and management the tally-men team at the site of Cargo Tally.

The office director and the operation clerk should strictly supervise chief tally and tallymen to work on spot right according to the operation guidebook of Cargo Tally.

After Cargo Tally service completed, the office director and the operation clerk should audit the documents made by the chief tally and the tallymen, and then hand in to the parties concerned according to the requirement of operation guidebook of cargo tally.
The operation clerk should carry out an active examination during and after the work on the process and quality of the cargo tally service if possible.

The operation clerk should work well on auditing, collecting, statistics and analyzing of Cargo Tally result, communicate with the client on problem occurred, and ask for opinion, so as to perfect the operation guidebook of Cargo Tally and improve service quality.


D. Record and Report of Cargo Tally.

AIM Control’s Cargo Tally Department should work well on document delivery for the client. The preliminary quantity record shall send our client ASAP via email or fax. In two working days after Cargo Tally service completed, Cargo Tally documents, accounting bills and electronic data should be sent out to related company and the department. Any special situation must be reported in time with reasonable explanation.

We are an Independent Inspectors, surveyors and experts providing inspection services, expediting services, testing, QA/QC, cargo survey, marine survey, certification. cargo tally  based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Singapore & Asia, Italy, Germany, U.K Russia & Europe, the Middle East, Brazil, Chile, Argentina & ect., Anywhere of Countries to protect your orders in good condition.


The followings are action procedure and evidence of AIM Control's Cargo Tally of quantity for loading and Loading stowage supervision on board of vessel condition at Sai Gon port, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

  • Cargo inspection and tally (for rice and grain cargo) in Vietnam

  • Ship’s holds cleaning survey and hatches covers watertight inspection at ports of Vietnam

  • Inspection/survey to dunnage, lasing in Vietnam

  • Testing weather-tight integrity of dry cargo vessels' hatch covers and pre-loading surveys on board of berthing and anchorage.

  • Loading cargo tally/ inspection/ survey on ship’s holds in Vietnam

  • Discharging cargo tally/ survey/ inspection at harbours of Vietnam   

  • Lashing and securing deck cargoes (for supercargo, heavy lift cargo, project cargo)

  • Fumigation of ships and their cargoes

  • Photography

  • Preparing cargo plans - structural limitations

  • Stowage of break bulk cargo (general cargo)

  • Air changes - ventilation of cargo compartments

  • The silver nitrate test

  • Measurement of bulk cargoes - draught surveys




AIM Control's Cargo tally and loading supervision Services carried out on rice cargo in bags on board of vessel at Ports of Vietnam





Also see the tally of quantity and Loss Prevention services during cargo loading into container.

The videos taken at the site of Control and inspection, survey before packing at supplier premise and loading supervision and quantity of bags tally during AIM Control surveyors and inspectors are conducting the White Rice Quality / Weight / Quantity for exporting from Vietnam with containers and ship holds:

The videos taken at the site of Control and inspection, survey before packing at supplier premise and loading supervision and quantity of carton tally during AIM Control surveyors and inspectors are conducting the furniture products for exporting from Vietnam with containers::

The videos taken at the site of inspection, survey and supervision during AIM Control surveyors and inspectors conducted the Loading / unloading / Lashing / Securing for Super Project Cargo in over-weight and over-sizes




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