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Marine Pollution Preventers & Solutions

Ocean pollution, also known as marine pollution, is the introduction of harmful substances or products into the ocean.

 What are the solutions to marine pollution?

How can we prevent pollution in the marine environment?

What are we doing to stop marine pollution?

What technology is used to prevent marine pollution?

One of the simplest ways to reduce ocean pollution is to properly dispose of plastics and other recyclable materials, so they don't end up in the ocean. In outdoor spaces of the ship, such as Garbage and Oils, Ballast.

Avoid overflows while refueling by knowing the capacity of the vessel's tanks and leaving some room for fuel expansion. Shut off your bilge pump while refueling.

You are seafarer or Wherever you live, the easiest and most direct way that you can get started is by reducing your own use of single-use plastics.

Reduce chemical fertilizer use

· Opt for reusable products and utensils

· Properly dispose of plastics and other trash.

· Act in accordance with the law and receive training on marine pollution risks.

· Awareness

Let underpin the mandate to make life at sea safer; to protect the maritime environment from pollution and safeguard it for future generations.

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Marine Pollution Preventers & Solutions

Asian gypsy moth inspection

Asian gypsy moth inspection

Asian gypsy moth inspection and certificationVessels must be inspected and must obtain pre-departure certification from a recognized certification of Asian gypsy moth inspection body AIM Control (AIM Group®)A copy of the certificate, stating that the vessel is free of Asian Gypsy Moth life stages, must be forwarded to US or Canadian agents.It called: AGM ship inspection and certificationSome countries are requested U.S, Canada, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand,  Mexico.AGM is not ...

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